Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol, Season 10: Top 11 Song Suggestions, Part 2

Last week's results show was a bit of a doozy, huh? And, of course, by doozy I mean three-ring circus. Surprise performances by Stevie Wonder, a birthday cake for Steven Tyler, Ryan getting knocked out by Hulk Hogan and Casey Abrams almost dying/vomiting on stage after almost being eliminated and then saved by the judges. Wowza.

So we have a Top 11 once again. Tomorrow night two contestants will be eliminated, but before we worry about that, let's talk about what the Idols should sing tonight.

WARNING: Stop reading now if you want the theme of the week to be a surprise!

After announcing the theme of the week would be Music of the '80s, the Idol machine said "Whoooooops... just kidding" and changed the theme to Music of Elton John. I found this round of suggestions to be quite difficult—although Sir Elton's discography spans over four decades, the same songs will undoubtedly pop up, and in some cases that's not such a bad thing.

Here are my suggestions on what the Idols should and should not sing:

Should Sing: "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" - Appropriate title considering America wanted to boot him out last week, and Casey desperately needs to give us a simple, pure vocal to help us forget the horrid Nirvana destruction and growl monster antics.
Should Not Sing: "Bennie and the Jets"
Should Sing: "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" - I'd love to hear Naima's take on this song, and I think she is one of the only contestants who has enough soul to bring it to life.
Should Not Sing: "Circle of Life" (Jennifer Hudson owns this song forever)
Should Sing: "Sad Songs (Say So Much)" - Lauren does best when she's able to put her pop country twist on a song, and this song would work really well with that treatment.
Should Not Sing: Anything from The Lion King
Should Sing: "I Want Love" - A later hit for Sir Elton, it would give James an opportunity to show his vulnerable side like he did with "Maybe I'm Amazed."
Should Not Sing: "Tiny Dancer"
Should Sing: "I'm Still Standing" - Like Casey, this song directly relates to Stefano's plunge into the Bottom Two last week. This song has a great uptempo beat that would help us forget about his butchering of "Hello" last week.
Should Not Sing: "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"
Should Sing: "Philadelphia Freedom" - I am still waiting for Jacob to bring out an uptempo, feel-good song. Maybe this is the week? "Philadelphia Freedom" is right in Jacob's wheelhouse without be a screechy ballad.
Should Not Sing: "Someone Saved My Life Tonight"
Should Sing: "Candle in the Wind" - Can you just imagine Scotty doing an acoustic guitar/countrified version of this iconic song? I have chills already.
Should Not Sing: "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" (Though it might be hilariously awful)
Should Sing: "Crocodile Rock" - Is there any other option for crazy Paul? A recognizable song that is pure fun with the perfect hint of rock and roll.
Should Not Sing: "Honky Cat"
Should Sing: "Electricity" - This anthem from Billy Elliot would answer all the questions Thia keeps being asked about who she wants to be. This song is all about the rush of being a performer, so it's the perfect song for her to connect with.
Should Not Sing: "Candle in the Wind"
Should Sing: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - This song suits Haley's growls and yodels, and there's no way she could do a worse job than Season 3's Camile Velasco.
Should Not Sing: "Philadelphia Freedom"
Should Sing: "My Strongest Suit" - Pia's style is very much in the style of someone like Idina Menzel, so this light-hearted song from Aida is a perfect match. It's fun, flirty and uptempo—all the things Pia desperately needs do be right now—while still having the range and moments to cater to her huge voice.
Should Not Sing: "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"
What do you think the Idols should sing tonight? Are there any classic Elton songs they should absolutely avoid? And, while we're at it, who are the two Idols you want to be eliminated tomorrow night?
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