Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cougar Town: Writers vs. Actors, Episode 4

With no new Modern Family last night (there was a repeat of "Slow Down Your Neighbors") and no new Cougar Town for another six weeks (*sob*), the weekly Family Jules post is taking a brief hiatus of its own. It's okay, you can stop crying now.

In the meantime, here's the latest installment of Vulture's web series Cougar Town: Writers vs. Actors, the only thing that is making this horrid hiatus at least somewhat tolerable. Thanks to Courtney Cox, the actors won last week's challenge to name all of the writers, which meant they could file a grievance about their behind-the-scenes nemeses. The subject: Who exactly writes all of Grayson's songs? Take a look....

So apparently the source of the songs will remain a mystery, or at least a hotly debated topic on set. As long as they keep on coming, it's all good to me. Bonus points to Josh Hopkins for learning how to play the ukulele.

My biggest complaint: Why can't I buy these songs on iTunes? I would rock out to "Confident in My Sexuality," "Sex with Your Ex" and "Everything Man" all day long. Not exaggerating. And the "Being a Couple" remix (see below) would totally be my ring tone.

Get on it, Bill Lawrence and company!
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