Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cougar Town: Writers vs. Actors, Episode 5

Another week, another Wednesday without a new Modern Family or Cougar Town. My itch to have a new Family Jules post is starting to become unbearable, but luckily the Tucker-Pritchett-Delgado-Dunphy clan will be back next week. Even more luckily (let's see how many times I can use that word on St. Patrick's Day...), Vulture released a new episode of its web series Cougar Town: Writers vs. Actors.

Let's be honest, I pretty much love every aspect of Cougar Town, but the catch phrases that come out of it are a definite highlight: "Slap out of it," "Friend Test," "Penny Caaaaaaan," etc etc etc have all worked their way into my daily vocabulary (which is already littered with pop culture references—I must be insufferable to speak to). Unfortunately, it looks like Ian Gomez (Andy) doesn't like his character's signature catch phrase, "C'mon!!!" Watch as he attempts to find a new one...

My favorite new catch phrase? "Reganomics!" Watch out, friends, I'm bringing it into my life effective immediately.

Which new catch phrase was your favorite? And how wonderful is Josh Hopkins' Andy impression?!
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