Thursday, March 24, 2011

Family Jules: Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Image courtesy of ABC

It's been some time since we've had a new Modern Family, but the show returned with some old man friendships and absinthe.

Let's check out the funniest lines from last night's episode, and watch another episode of Cougar Town: Writers vs. Actors.

Modern Family
Season 2, Episode 18: "Boys' Night"
Phil and Claire are concerned when Luke befriends the curmudgeonly man next door and Jay joins Cam and Mitchell for dinner and drinks with Pepper, Crispin and Longinus (yes, a real name) after ditching Gloria and Manny.
"Wow. Are the movie rights available for that one?" - Manny, who has very specific egg preferences. Also, I'm totally using this line.

"I'm still growing into my tongue." - Luke, who many people find adorable despite his drooling.

"That's my favorite type of movie. That and anything set against the backdrop of competitive cheerleading." - Phil, who also loves bloody Westerns.

"When I was 12, my father walked in on me doing the most embarrassing thing a boy can do—dancing to Madonna's 'Lucky Star.'" - Mitchell, who thinks Rob Lowe's good looks have held him back.

"I'm not going shopping with Priscilla Queen of the Desert!" - Jay, who couldn't believe how much the gays could drink.
This episode didn't deliver the most one liners, but I absolutely loved the scenes with Pepper and the gang at the bar, as well as Phil and Claire sneaking into Walter's house and checking his pulse. A welcome return for Modern Family.

Cougar Town: Writers vs. Actors
Episode 6
Busy Philipps complains the writers take too long to get them a script, while creator Bill Lawrence files a mini-grievance against the writers as well.

Get me a mega-rita and some waffles, stat! Being a writer on Cougar Town looks awesome, even if they can no longer act in sketches.
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