Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top Chef's Carla Hall as a Fierce '90s Model

It's no secret around these parts that cheftestant Carla Hall holds a special place in my heart. Her positivity and wacky personality are incredibly endearing, and I'm hoping to see her going all the way on Top Chef: All-Stars.

A few weeks ago, the cheftestants were challenged in a Quickfire by Isaac Mizrahi to create a beautiful, artistic plate. During the challenge, Carla revealed that she spent much of the early 90s as a model in Paris, London and Milan. Well last week, thanks to the wonder of the Internet, photos from Carla's portfolio started circulating.

Check out some Top Model poses courtesy of Miss Hootie Hoo herself....

Cheer on Carla tonight as she fights for a spot in the Top 4 on Top Chef: All-Stars, 10pm/EST on Bravo.

[Source: ONTD]
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