Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trailer Tuesdays: A Better Life

Image courtesy of Summit Entertainment

"Because I love you. You are the most important thing in this world to me, mijo."

Carlos Galindo is a man who, more than anything else, loves his son Luis and wants him to live a happier, more successful life than was ever available to him in Mexico. But living illegally in East Los Angeles is not easy, especially with the pressure of gangs and the struggle to keep a family afloat. Chris Weitz, writer/director of About A Boy and director of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, tells this story of survival, adversity and family in the upcoming film A Better Life, starring Demián Bichir (Esteban Reyes from Weeds) and José Julián.

Check out the trailer below:

Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger has already deemed A Better Life the first awards movie of 2011, calling it "an unfussy, yet quite powerful drama." The trailer certainly shows it is beautifully shot, and Demián Bichir looks ready to deliver a memorable performance as Carlos.

While I imagine that the topic of immigration is prevalent in the film, it looks like more universal themes take center stage in a similar way that The Kids Are All Right didn't feel preachy about its lesbian couple. Carlos is more than simply an illegal immigrant working as a gardener—he is above all a loving father.

Of course, full disclosure is required in this instance. While I am really excited to see A Better Life based on the moving trailer and synopsis, it is also a must-see for me because it's the first film from Lime Orchard Productions, the production company of actress Jami Gertz (Twister, The Lost Boys, Ally McBeal) and my amazing cousin Stacey Lubliner. I am so proud of Stacey and beyond thrilled to see her company's film this summer.

A Better Life hits theaters on June 24 (incidentally, the same weekend Summit released eventual Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker two years ago).
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