Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Idol, Season 10: Top 6 Song Suggestions

Last week, American Idol made a valiant attempt to prove its contemporary worth with "Music of the 21st Century." And although the only successes in my eyes were Haley Reinhart and James Durbin, I appreciated the effort by the show to move its contestants away from music written before their parents were born.

And then they announced the theme for this week...

As always... WARNING: Stop reading now if you want the theme of the week to be a surprise!

Slamming back into the 1960s and '70s, the Top 6 will perform music from the Carole King Songbook.


Listen, I love me some Carole King (thanks, Mom!). I think she's one of the greatest songwriters of the last 50 years and I've even seen her perform live, but is performing her music the way to prove to America that you are ready to enter and dominate the music business in 2011?

That being said, here are my suggestions for what the Top 6 should and should not perform tonight. To be honest, I'm not particularly passionate about these choices, so I'll leave the explanations out this week.

Should Sing: "Smackwater Jack"
Should Not Sing: "Jazzman" (save that one for Bleeding Gums Murphy and Lisa Simpson, please)
Should Sing: "So Far Away"
Should Not Sing: "It Might As Well Rain Until September"
Should Sing: "I Feel the Earth Move"
Should Not Sing: "Beautiful"
Should Sing: "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
Should Not Sing: "Now and Forever" (despite it being from my favorite movie of all time, A League of Their Own)
Should Sing: "Home Again"
Should Not Sing: "You've Got a Friend"
Should Sing: "One Fine Day"
Should Not Sing: "It's Too Late"
What do you think of this week's theme? Do you wish Idol would stick to more contemporary music or do you think this provides the ideal opportunity to put a modern twist on an old classic? And don't you wish someone would perform "Chicken Soup with Rice," "Really Rosie" or "Pierre"?? Maybe for tomorrow's group number...

[Image Credit: FOX]
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