Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Jules: 1-855-PENNYCAN

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Has this been the best week ever or what?! Not only was Modern Family back with one of the best episodes of the season, but we had TWO new episodes of Cougar Town. The hiatus is over! Family Jules is restored to its former glory!

Both shows were running on all cylinders this week, delivering three more-than-solid episodes and reminding us (as if we needed reminding) that these are two of the funniest shows on television and the 9 o'clock hour on Wednesdays on ABC is one of the best hours of television.

So before I start to pound grape in celebration, let's take a look at the best moments from this week's episodes...

Modern Family
Season 2, Episode 20: "Someone to Watch Over Lily"
Cameron and Mitchell take a good look at the family to decide who would be the best guardians for Lily if ever needed, and there's a lot of commotion for them to consider: Jay convincing Manny to go on a camping trip, Claire trying to sneak Luke to therapy without Phil finding out, Haley and Alex bonding and rebelling and Gloria being a little too happy to take Lily.
"But if it happened, we would be so happyyyyyy!" - Gloria, who thankfully didn't just pierce Lily's gay ear.

"One time she gave me a Woody." - Luke, who really likes Toy Story.

"She plays lacrosse and takes cello lessons. Even my reputation can't handle that dork hit." - Haley

"I don't think she's paid taxes in 20 years, but she's very hospitable. Always has a deer in the freezer." - Cam about his gun nut Aunt Pat

"Without the chaperones, it's anarchy!" - Manny, who wears blazers to school, plays the pan flute and would never considering going back to drip coffee from French press.

"Thanks, gay dead dads. This dance is for you." - Future Stripper Lily, who for now should just be content being dressed up as Carmen Miranda.

"I'm just glad my clown training prepared me to take a fall like that." - Cam, who says Missouri not Missoura.

(We're Back) Cougar Town (Hi Dance Fans, Please still be there…)
Season 2, Episode 15: "Walls"
Jules is uncomfortable with Travis' growing relationship with Kirsten while Bobby and Laurie turn Penny Can into a profitable venture. Meanwhile, Grayson doesn't believe that Andy is the girl magnet he pretends to be.
"Why is she stirring the sauce outside?" - Ellie about Mama Giada, a "ridiculous Italian stereotype."

"Mom, people from Taiwan really are called Taiwanese." - Travis, who is creeped out by Jules' No-No Dance.

"Oh! We could give her a puppy that would blow up if she took it across town lines. It's from my new screenplay, The Blow-Up Pup. It's a prequel to Speed." - Laurie, who doesn't believe there is a gay man out there that doesn't love cake (seriously, can someone open a gayke shop near me?).

"This may be harder than the Case of the Stinky Fridge." - Jules, who thinks Grayson looks like a gay Freddy Mercury after his Stache Attack.

"Imaginary hook hands! I don't know what we're doing." - Jules, who still doesn't understand Ellie's imaginary hat.

"I parked in the street, and it's in the driveway now!" - Ellie, who is afraid of the truck ghost.

"Penny Can! Calm down. It’s not the real police. It’s the fun police, and we’re bringing you the greatest coin-based game since Heads Or Tails! Penny Can! Do you love having a good time? Then call 1-855-PENNYCAN, hold for an operator, then ask for Carol. Say you’re ordering penny can and not any weight loss products or sexual aids, and she’ll contact us with your order. It’s that simple! Ask for Carol, no sex stuff, Penny Can!" - Ellie and Bobby's commercial. And, yes, I did call but never got through (the cast/crew have been answering the phone's all week).

Welcome to Cul-De-Sac Crew Cougar City Cougar Town
Season 2, Episode 16: "Baby's a Rock 'N' Roller"
Grayson and Jules give Ellie the night off and babysit Stan, and Andy goes out with Laurie to be her wingman. Meanwhile, Bobby struggles to wake up to train for his upcoming PGA tournament.
"Chuck it and…. re-chuck it." - Grayson, trying to match Laurie, Bobby and Andy's far superior references to one-night stands: hit it and quit it, toot it and boot it, whip it and skip it, buff it and drop it, mother it and smother it, tax it and wax it.

"She's super pregnant and doesn't want to have another baby in a club." - Laurie, who loves contagious ass worship.

"You know my son almost made honor roll. Twice! I'm a bit of a Mary Poppins." - Jules, who coined the phrase "pound grape."

"Can you name another person who gets in his way more than I do?" - Bobby
"Gary Busey." - Travis

"Get me a largey, soy, extra cap chhhhhhh." - Laurie, whose favorite things are sticky floors, shiny shirts and weird rich Russian dudes that say "You want to make dance with me?"

"I don't wanna stab a baby!" - Grayson, who is therefore a wimp.

And special mention goes to Ellie, who has only seven minutes during the day when she's fun to be around and tells Stan's nanny that he's allergic to Telemundo.
What did you think of these episodes? Were you thrilled to have Cougar Town back? Did you think Modern Family was especially great this week? And did you, like me, purchase a Bobby Cobb Official Competition Penny Can can?

And just for fun, here's a great animated gif of Bobby and Laurie, who need to be paired up way more often on the show.

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