Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Jules: For Richard Stands

Things were too good to be true last week. We had a new Modern Family and the return of Cougar Town with two new episodes in one week. But, alas, ABC giveth and ABC taketh away and the Tucker-Pritchett-Delgado-Dunphys dished out a rerun last night. Thankfully, this week's Cougar Town featured some of my favorite things: Twitter, trivia, the Pledge of Allegiance!

Before I bang my way from A-Ha to ZZ-Top (gross and grosser), let's take a look at last night's best moments...

Cougar Town (Follow @TheLarmy right now and thank us later.)
Season 2, Episode 17: "You're Gonna Get It"
Stupidity is the name of the game. Feeling guilty that she doesn't do more charity work, Jules volunteers for a school and ends up being humiliated for not knowing the correct words to the Pledge of Allegiance. Grayson and Ellie are astounded by Laurie's trivia abilities and Bobby makes a big mistake at his big PGA tournament.
"Oh yeah! Little Omari. He's 10. I've got to say those letters are getting a little repetitive. 'It's hot. I'm hungry. There are snakes.'" - Jules, bored with the child she sponsors in Africa.

"LAUGH! I am totally tweeting that." - Laurie, a.k.a. @TheLarmy, who thought advertisements for John Hancock were sex ads.

"Good God. An army of jellybeans." - Ellie, trivia warrior at TGI Grayson's.

"And to the Republic, for Richard Stands..." - Jules, who asked God to speed up her bangs and Noonan-ed Bobby (bonus points for a Caddyshack reference).

"My brain says play it safe, but my man parts say go for it." - Bobby "Wrong Balls" Cobb, who fits in his golf bag.

"I went to a crap school in a crap neighborhood and reading really got me out... No, car modeling did. But it's really fun to say reading did." - Laurie, who chews gum and eats buffalo wings at the same time.
What do you think of last night's episode? Would you buy a Wrong Balls t-shirt? Are you following @TheLarmy on Twitter? And wasn't it nice to have Barb back?!

[Image Credit: ABC]
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