Monday, April 25, 2011

Magical Monday Moments: 'The Office' Breaks Into Song

Now in its seventh season, The Office is getting ready to bid farewell to Michael Scott as Steve Carrell's contract ends. I'll save my opinion on whether the show should continue (or whether it should've gone on this long, for that matter) for another time. Today, let's just remember this wonderful moment from the end of last week's episode...

After the Dundie Awards were cut short (no thanks to Deangelo's antics), the crew from Dundler Mifflin returned to the office to finish the celebration. While the Dundie Awards are always written, produced and performed by Michael, he could've never guessed what his employees had planned for the grand finale.

From Darryl's riffs to Erin and Kelly's duet, this was a totally pitch perfect to end Michael's final Dundies.

[Image Credit: NBC]
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