Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weird Al Parodies Lady Gaga with "Perform This Way"

The Interwebz were abuzz yesterday about a controversy involving "Weird Al" Yankovic.

When did you ever think you'd read that sentence?

Weird Al, who I am a longtime fan of (and have seen perform live, thankyouverymuch), has been parodying popular music and writing some incredibly funny original music for over 30 years. He's parodied artists such as Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Madonna, Queen and so many more. Not a bad group of artists to be listed amongst.

So with his next album on the horizon, who will be the next artist to add to that illustrious list? Well, Lady Gaga of course! Except it almost didn't happen...

He chronicles the whole Gaga Saga on his blog, but here's the gist:

Al always asks permission before releasing a parody, though he isn't legally required to, so before writing a parody of Gaga's "Born This Way," titled "Perform This Way," he contacted her people to get permission, also mentioning that all money from sales of the song and music video would be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. Word was received that Gaga would not only need to see the lyrics, but hear the final recording of the song. Al obliged, spending a lot of time and money to do so, and was then turned down. Frustrated by having gone through all that trouble, he posted it to his YouTube channel and encouraged viewers to donate to the HRC anyway.

Well, after the story starting circulating, the truth came out. Lady Gaga's people had never played the song for her and simply denied Al's request themselves. Turns out Gaga is a huge Weird Al fan and instantly gave him permission to use the song on his album!

So while I encourage you all to purchase Weird Al's upcoming album (because it's sure to be full of awesomeness), here is the video of "Perform This Way" that was posted yesterday:

I think my favorite part might be the random line in French. Or maybe the part about the skirt steak. Or fine... maybe just all of it.

And this JUST in: Al has announced his new album, Alpocalypse, will be released on June 21st.


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