Wednesday, May 18, 2011

American Idol, Season 10: Top 3 Song Suggestions

Here we are, seven days away from the crowning of the Season 10 champion of American Idol, and the stakes have never been higher for Scotty, Lauren and Haley. One little misstep could mean the difference between being in the same league as Top 2 finishers David Archuleta and Crystal Bowersox or being in the same league as Top 3 finishers Casey James and Jasmine Trias (yikes).

With James' elimination last week, we are closer and closer to the possibility of an all-female finale, which has only happened once in the show's 10 seasons (Fantasia vs. Diana in Season 3). Of course, Scotty McCreery isn't likely to be defeated, or at least defeated without a fight, so the girls are going to have to work especially hard tonight to secure America's votes.

So what should the Top 3 sing on this incredibly important night? Well, keep on reading and find out...

Tonight, the Top 3 will each tackle three songs: one chosen by the judges, one chosen by the producers and one personal choice. The judges and producers are sure to choose songs from the 1930s, so in an attempt to keep the contestants relevant, I'm only suggesting songs from the last decade.

Should Sing: "Who Knew" by Pink - Lauren should avoid singing a ballad for her choice; she has the voice for them, but has yet to provide the emotion behind one to have a true moment. Putting a little country swing on this rocking Pink song would be perfect to show herself as a powerful contender.
Should Not Sing: "Love Story" by Taylor Swift - Lauren should also avoid country—show us how you can adapt to other styles and genres!
Should Sing: "Boondocks" by Little Big Town - A great boisterous country song that has tons of highs and lows and would be great for Scotty's love of "I'm proud of where I'm from" music. I just hope he wouldn't ham it up like he did with "Young Blood" last week. Please, oh, please.
Should Not Sing: "Firecracker" by Josh Turner - I've recommended this for Scotty in the past, and I still think he should sing it—but save it for a Finale Night duet with Josh Turner (you know it's coming!).
Should Sing: "American Boy" by Estelle ft. Kanye West - I've recommended this for Haley already, but I truly think she would destroy this song (in the best way possible). All those runs Estelle does at the end? Haley would do those brilliantly!
Should Not Sing: "Someone Like You" by Adele - Haley was criticized for doing such a well-known Adele song earlier in the season (you know, before she was criticized for doing a Lady Gaga song no one knew... ugh...), so it's probably best to avoid the British songbird.
I have no doubt all three contestants will be fighting as hard as they can to make it to next week's Finale. It'd be great to have an all-female finale, but mostly I just want Haley in there. So, dear readers, make sure you VOTE FOR HALEY!!!!

[Image Credit: FOX]
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