Friday, May 20, 2011

Family Jules: Get This Party Started

I got in a bit of hot water last week when I suggested that perhaps Modern Family was heading toward a weak ending of its second season. While my feelings of the last two episodes haven't changed, I am happy to report that this week's episode, "See You Next Fall," reminded me why I adore this show. With the perfect blend of laughter and sentiment, this episode had me dreading this time a week from now when we will be on Modern Family summer break.

It's also worth noting how much I am especially enjoying the end of Cougar Town's second season. The emotional decline of Travis has had a big effect on the way I view Jules and Bobby (as well as their relationship with each other and with their son). Creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel have managed to keep the hilarity of the show in tact while telling a heartbreaking story about one of the characters. Bravo!

But before I get attacked by Chalk Children, let's take a look at this week's best moments...

Modern Family
Season 2, Episode 23: "See You Next Fall"
Alex is graduating from middle school as the valedictorian and plans to give a speech ridiculing her peers, while Phil and Claire deal with the stress of having yet another child growing up. Mitchell laughs at Cam falling into a kiddie pool causing some relationship tension, and Jay tries to hide the bad reaction he is having to his secret Botox injection.
"He was until he missed a few weeks when the robot he was building attacked him." - Alex, who is valedictorian instead of Sanjay Patel and eventually just throws song titles like "Don't Stop Believin'"and "Get This Party Started" into her speech.

"Trust me that is not a phone call you want to make to a group of ex-college male cheerleaders. They will mock you with a hurtful rhythmic taunt." - Phil Filipe, who was treasurer of his high school Spanish club.

"That's 'cause no one would eat with him in the cafeteria!" - Haley, who doesn't know the difference between a piranha and a pariah, confusing Ghandi with a high school nerd.

"You look like a Botox victim gone horribly wrong... NO MY GOD you didn't!" - Mitchell, whose homosexuality was confirmed in the delivery room during Alex's birth.

"He thought we were gonna use it all the time, but I keep hitting my boobs with my knees." - Gloria, who has serious champagne problems, amirite?
(We Should Have Live Cougars On) Cougar Town
Jules decides to give Travis some tough love once she discovers he has dropped out of college and Andy helps Bobby and Laurie sell the Penny Can business. Meanwhile, Grayson and Ellie join forces with Tom to battle the creepy Chalk Children in the neighborhood.
"Well, don't try to stop me if I'm Vogueing on top of a cab!" - Jules, justifying the time she punched a cop on Spring Break.

"Chalk Children don't forgive and they never forget." - Tom, who only visits when Jules signals him has her curtains open.

"Did you just get one night stand-ed by your own son?" - Laurie, who totally digs the ambiguous racial status of Lou Diamond Phillips, the new face of Penny Can.

"We scared some kids!" - Ellie, who does an excellent Helena Bonham Carter impression.
What did you think of this week's episodes? Did Modern Family have you laughing more than it has recently? And how soon until you start adding the new "robot Penny Can" rule to your games?

[Image Credit: ABC]
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