Friday, May 6, 2011

Family Jules: We Don't Love Pink

It's never a sure thing that we will have new episodes of both Modern Family and Cougar Town each week, but this week we got lucky!

To be honest, I was slightly underwhelmed by Modern Family this week, most likely due to the pure awesomeness that was the most recent new episode, "Someone to Watch Over Lily." Of course, as we barrel toward the Season 2 finales for both shows, I have no doubt the episodes will get stronger and stronger.

So before anyone gets Counciled, let's take a look at the best moments from this week's episodes...

Modern Family
Season 2, Episode 21: "Mother's Day"
Gloria and Claire take the kids for a hike to celebrate Mother's Day, which of course turns into a disaster when the Dunphy children complain endlessly and Manny overhears Gloria dissing his poetry. This adventure leaves Phil and Jay alone together to make dinner, and Phil witnesses a rare emotional breakthrough. Meanwhile, Cam struggles with being labeled Lily's "mother."
"It's perverted. It looks like you were felt up by the freaky guy around the corner." - Haley, who got so bored she actually talked to Alex.

"Scratch the balloons, she's in a mood." - Mitchell to Lily, who was unbelievably adorable standing there holding balloons for Cam.

"We don't want to go to your baby shower. We don't have a 'time of the month.' We don't love pink!" - Cam, who does, in fact, love pink (or, rather, pink loves Cam).

"Those really frame your face." - Phil, who rocks some killer onion goggles.

"There was some horrible stuff said about my poetry." - Manny, who is persnickety (shocker...).
(Sorry, We Still Cringe at the Title) Cougar Town
Season 2, Episode 18: "Lonesome Sundown"
Travis prepares to propose to Kirsten, and Grayson does his best to convince him otherwise. When the group forms The Council to dole out punishments for bad behavior, Jules is forced to live on Bobby's boat for two days.
"Isn't it enough that I wear these tight t-shirts you bought me? I mean, people assume I know Farsi." - Grayson, who is an amazing jewelry craftsman (and should be on Project Accessory).

"It is time for some justice, foster-home style, except without the coat hanger brandings." - Laurie, who ends up being punished with Little Richard, the world's smallest wine glass.

"Face, body, hair, feet" - Jules Lady J. Love Explosion lists the uses for all of her towels.

"You just got pancaked!" - Travis, who is an excellent manipulator.

"Bums always win wine fights." - Ellie, who could never call Stan by his middle name (Hunter).
What did you think of this week's episodes? Were you underwhelmed with Modern Family? Are you going to form a Council with your friends? And did you have nightmares of being stuck with Little Richard for life??
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