Monday, June 27, 2011

Magical Monday Moments: Kathy Griffin Imitates Ronnie's Commercials

If you find yourself watching shows on Bravo, MTV or anything late at night, chances are you've seen some of the terrible commercials starring members of the cast of Jersey Shore. Apparently the insane amount of money they get for being morons on television isn't enough to sufficiently fund their constant GTL-ing or smushing or whatever else they do, so they hawk various products and show off their fantastic acting abilities. Heh.

Well leave it to Kathy Griffin to call them out. On her latest Bravo standup special, Kathy Griffin: Gurrl Down, she talks about Ronnie's commercials for Xenadrine diet pills. Watch the video below...

And in case you think she's exagerrating, here's the video of the actual commercial:

Catch reruns of Kathy Griffin: Gurrl Down on Bravo.
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