Friday, June 17, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 8: Top 20 Results

Well that was... something...

In case you feel alone in your overwhelming confusion regarding last night's results show, fret not...

Yes, even our faithful leader was puzzled about last night's events. So let's break it down and figure just what the hell happened...

The night started out normal enough with the Top 20 performing a Sonya Tayeh "sexy soldier" group number to M.I.A.'s "XR2" complete with cane-ography. Unsurprisingly, Ryan and Melanie stood out of the group, but what was surprising was how much I enjoyed watching Jess. Maybe there is hope for him after all (but more on that later).

Then we went through the normal recaps of the performances couple by couple, with some interruptions to talk about National Dance Day (July 30th), watch Keri Hilson "sing" and dance, gawk at Iveta's killer leopard print leotard and gasp at Jordan's horrifying boob tassels. Typical results show entertainment so far, right?

We were treated to an impressive Gopack routine, which mostly felt like a "makegood" since Nigel has been bashing the style ever since Jeanine and Phillip attempted it in Season 5. The performance was great, but I still don't think it would work as a competitive style on the show (though it gave me flashbacks of Joshua and Twitch's fantastic Trepack piece in Season 4). So an unusual style for a guest performance, but nothing too terribly out of the ordinary.

The feeling that I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone started when Cat began announcing the Bottom 3 couples who would join Mitchell in dancing for their lives. Jordan/Tadd and Clarice/Jess were in danger while Ashley/Chris and Missy/Wadi were safe?? Huh?! Certainly America watched a different telecast than I did. But on to the solos we went...
  • Mitchell did his best to dance for his life, but probably needs to focus more on interesting choreography than long, drawn-out arm extensions. Also, the booty shaking at the end was cringe-worthy. ("Say" by John Mayer)
  • Jordan may need to lay off the super sexy schitck, but the girl can seriously dance. ("Hot Like Wow" by Nadia Oh)
  • Tadd displayed a lot of impressive b-boy tricks and stunts, but needs to refine his solos a bit to really bring out the music. ("Jump, Jive An' Wail" by The Brian Setzer Orchesta)
  • Clarice gave the best solo of the night that was full of sass and jaw-dropping flexibility. Loved the snapping leg extension! ("Glam" by Christina Aguilera)
  • Jess made his choreography look positively effortless, but, despite what I saw glimpses of in the group number, I still don't see a lot of joy in his dancing. ("Mr. Bojangles" by Robbie Williams)
  • Miranda struggled to keep her balance most of the time and came off looking really sloppy. ("The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Leona Lewis)
  • Robert wore the most insane yellow fringe outfit, but did some crazy popping and locking and showed off his addictive personality. ("Electric" by Omarion)
After the solos were done, I was ready to say goodbye to Miranda and Jess. Easy decision for me, but apparently not so easy for the judges who, after we sat through a head-scratching Lady Gaga music video that felt like the "Out Tonight" scene from RENT, asked Mitchell and Robert to dance again. Huh?!

So the stage was cleared and the boys danced again. Anyone else notice how desperate Mitchell's solo felt the second time? Then after bringing the girls out, delaying the reveal of the decision, bringing the boys out and talking to everyone (yes, this was exhausting), Nigel revealed that they wouldn't be sending anyone home, but will be sending four dancers home next week. Sounds like a cop-out to me, judges. This is a very talented bunch of dancers, but they are not all superstars and it's time to start making some decisions.

What did you think about last night's show? Are you upset about the judges' decision? Which solos did you love/hate? And what did you think about the Lady Gaga music video??

[Image Credit: FOX]
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