Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Shows You Should Be Watching

Summer television is an odd thing. We are so used to the fall/spring primetime schedule: shows start in September and end in May. But what about the shows the air during the warm months? The premieres are scattered and the schedule is sometimes hard to keep track of.

Well, fear not, dear readers! Writer Kate Hacket of is here to spotlight some great summer television shows and tell you exactly where you can view them. So without further ado... take it away, Kate!

What to Watch This Week (6/20-6/26)
by Kate Hacket for

Hi, guys! Don’t forget to tune into these awesome shows this week:

Falling Skies (Watch Here)
Technically it aired last Sunday night, but that’s still this week, so you should definitely backpedal to watch it. Airing Sundays on TNT at 10pm, Falling Skies is an alien-survival story of a group of humans.

Futurama (Watch Here)
It’s back, baby, Thursdays at 10pm on Comedy Central. All of your favorite weirdos have another season of hijinks to pull off -- this week? It’s the one hour season premiere with back to back episodes.

An Idiot Abroad (Watch Here)
The second season starts Saturday at 10pm on The Science Channel. This week they send their dopey friend to India- he isn’t thrilled about it.

True Blood (Watch Here)
This season premiere is also this week, Sunday at 9pm on HBO. This season promises to be everything you liked and more - so definitely check that out! For starters, and this is just a teaser, Eric Northman wakes up with NO MEMORIES...ergo, no hatred of humanity.

So there you go - check out some of these shows this week! They’re the promising ones!

[Image Sources: TNT, Comedy Central, The Science Channel, HBO]
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