Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2011 Emmy Nomination Dreams: The Women

There's less than two days to go until 2011 Primetime Emmy nominations are announced. Yesterday, I broke down my wish list of men who deserve a nomination but will most likely get snubbed by the Academy. Today, let's talk about the ladies.

Remember, these are dream nominees. You won't find the likes of Tina Fey, Jane Lynch or Sofia Vergara on this list—those fine women are shoe-ins and will undoubtedly be frontrunners in their categories. No, these are the women that I fear will be tragically overlooked by the Academy despite delivering some of the best performances on television this year. Like with the men, you'll notice most of these dream nominees are eligible for the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. This is without a doubt the most competitive category to get nominated in this year, and there are going to be many snubs worth bemoaning come Thursday.

From wine guzzlers to diva dancers to child stars, here are the women I would nominate for the 2011 Emmy Awards...

Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

The introduction of Amy Farrah Fowler into the Big Bang universe in Season 3 was funny. The promotion of Mayim Bialik (formerly known as Blossom) to series regular in Season 4 was sheer brilliance. The arcs with Penny, Bernadette and Amy are some of my favorites the series has ever produced, and I could watch Bialik play a "female Sheldon Cooper" for days on end.
Alison Brie, Community
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Annie could easily be a pushover character on Community, but Alison Brie infuses her with an extra ounce of badassery that makes her one of my favorites on the show. Just take for example: Annie chloroforming a security guard, Annie taking down Jeff in a political debate and Annie as a killer paintball competitor. 'Nuff said.
Courtney Cox, Cougar Town
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

This should come as no surprise. I adore Cougar Town and a large part of that is due to Courtney Cox as wine-guzzling Jules. Jules' undying love for her son Travis tip toes the line between endearing and psychotic, and Cox expertly navigates through it all. I'll drink to that!
Cat Deeley, So You Think You Can Dance
Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program

With RuPaul and Heidi Klum, Cat is one of my favorite TV hosts. She is funny, charismatic and think fast on her feet—when things go wrong, dancers get injured or a routine doesn't go exactly as planned, Cat is always there to man to the ship. Plus, her catch phrase is the inspiration for the name of this blog. That alone should be enough to get her a nomination, right?
Heather Morris, Glee
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Yup, Glee had a pretty rocky second season. But one of the highlights of it all was the ascension of Heather Morris, aka Brittany S. Pierce. She sings, she dances and she is one of the only consistently hilarious parts of the show. Add all that to her emotional scenes with Santana this season, and you have a performance worth remembering and rewarding.
Sandra Oh, Grey's Anatomy
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Sandra Oh used to be an Emmy nomination shoe-in for her portrayal of Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy. She fell out of the running last year, but if anyone watched this season they'd have seen Oh's tremendous performances week after week as her character recovered from a traumatizing hospital shooting. Cristina's journey is far from over, and as long as Sandra Oh is there I'll gladly continue on the ride.
Busy Philipps, Cougar Town
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

She won the Critics' Choice Television Award for her work as Laurie on Cougar Town, and we can only pray that the Academy recognizes what a remarkable talent Busy Philipps is. She's taken Laurie far beyond the blonde bimbo wreck we met in the pilot, and you can always count on her for a hilarious zinger (or seven).
Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Recreation
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Aubrey Plaza plays secretary April so fantastically dry on Parks and Recreation that the payoff for her occasional wild antic is exponentially side-splitting. We got to see a new side of April with her relationship (and subsequent marriage) to Andy, showing there's no limit to that which Plaza is capable.
Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Ellen Pompeo has never been nominated for an Emmy. Let that settle in. Meredith Grey has never been nominated for an Emmy! Unbelievable!!! Meredith has grown up a lot in the past two seasons, and it's a nice change to be able to see Pompeo's gorgeous smile. Unfortunately, it's beyond unlikely that after seven seasons the Academy will suddenly recognize what a wonderful actress Pompeo is, but at least we're all in on the secret.
Sara Ramirez, Grey's Anatomy
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

No actor or actress has a better Emmy submission episode than Sara Ramirez has with "Song Beneath the Song." The Grey's Anatomy musical episode may have been a bit of a dud overall, but Tony-winner Ramirez acted the crap out of Callie's car accident and mental breakdown. Just watch that last song and give her a nomination, please!
Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Sally Draper's been through a lot, huh? And all the way, Kiernan Shipka has brought a gravitas unusual for such a young actress. Her Mad Men mother January Jones is more likely to score a nomination, but I'd wager that next to Jon Hamm, Shipka is the worthy Draper for a nod.
Casey Wilson, Happy Endings
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

After a short, not-so-celebrated stint on Saturday Night Live, Casey Wilson has found a place to shine: as Penny Hartz on Happy Endings. Whether it's jazz kwan-do, dressing up as a hipster or trying to keep her cool while on a date with a man whose last name is Hitler, Wilson is totally a-mah-zing. 

Who do you think should score a nomination on Thursday? Do any of these deserving ladies have a chance? Sound off in the comments!

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