Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Premieres Tonight

After the crushing defeat of Mondo at the hands of Gretchen in the Season 8 finale, fans have yearned for the return of Project Runway. Well, wait no longer because tonight is the night!

Keep reading for all the details you need to know for full Project Runway viewing pleasure tonight and for the rest of the season...

It all begins tonight at 8/7c with an hour-long "Road to the Runway" casting special. Tim Gunn will introduce us to all the designers, and, as you can tell from the picture above, there are a lot of them. Yes, they decided to cast 20 designers for Season 9, but don't get too overwhelmed. The season premiere, starting at 9/8c (and, yes, they are keeping the 90-minute format), begins with all 20 designers meeting with Michael, Nina, Heidi and Tim to show who they are as a designer and prove they have what it takes to compete. Unfortunately, four of those designers won't have much of a chance beyond that because only 16 designers will make it through to the first challenge. It's evil and brutal and I can't wait.

While shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance have the voting process built in to interact with fans, Project Runway has already been recorded, therefore giving us no power in the process. This year, however, they have decided to bring back to Fan Favorite award, which will be decided via Twitter. Each time a designer's hashtag is used on Twitter, it will count as a vote for them (you can view all the hashtags here). The end of each episode will have a live update of the voting results, which will also be viewable on

And, as always, you can read full recaps of each episode here at Please Welcome Your Judges. Posting may be a bit slow at the beginning of the season since So You Think You Can Dance is still airing and there's only so much one blogger with a full-time job can churn out, but rest assured that all the usual judgments and snark will be here.

So get excited, start making it work and get those opinions ready! Season 9, here we come!
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