Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rebecca Black Celebrates 'My Moment' with SYTYCD Alumni

True Life: I don't hate the new Rebecca Black song and music video.

I avoided writing about the whole Rebecca Black/"Friday" debacle a few months ago because I honestly felt like everyone was getting a little too hysterical over a music video from a 13 year-old on YouTube.
Now, after combating extreme criticism, having her controversial song covered (fantastically) on Glee and appearing in Katy Perry's latest music video, Miss Black is back with "My Moment."

The song is fine, if forgettable, and the music video chugs along as expected: shots of Rebecca in the studio, in a limousine, etc. Nothing too exciting until all of a sudden several familiar faces pop up when she's in "dance rehearsal." It's like a So You Think You Can Dance reunion! Take a look and see how many SYTYCD alums you can spot!

That's Kent Boyd (S7), Robert Roldan (S7), Ashley Galvan (S7), Adechike Torbert (S7), Channing Cooke (S6) and Lauren Gottleib (S3 and S7 All-Star), who also choreographed the video.

It's always great to see SYTYCD alums working professionally—hello, Lady Gaga sidekick Mark Kanemura!—and they all look fantastic here.

If you feel so inclined, "My Moment" is available on iTunes.

[Image Source: RebeccaBlackOnline.com]

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