Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 8: Top 10 Predictions

Tonight, the Top 12 dancers will take the stage on So You Think You Dance, battling it out for their chance to make it to the Top 10. Making the Top 10 has always been a big deal on the show because it generally determines who makes the national tour. Add to that this season's new twist: next week, the All-Stars will be paired up with the competing dancers and we will see who really has what it takes to compete against the best of the best. Basically, tomorrow night's elimination is going to be a doozy.

So where do the remaining dancers stand in their chances to making the Top 10? Take a look at who I think is safe, who is on the fence and who is in danger.

  • Tadd: He's the only b-boy left, and the judges are constantly praising him for being able to master genre after genre. Tadd isn't just safe for the Top 10, he's a bona fide frontrunner. I'm attributing his two appearances in the Bottom Three couples to his not-so-safe partner Jordan.
  • Sasha: Even when she's in a less-than-stellar routine (see: last week's hip hop flub) the judges have nothing but effusive praise for Miss Sasha Fierce. She's had the misfortune of being paired with drab Alexander, so I can't wait to see her bust out with a new partner next week.
  • Melanie/Marko: I'm just going to pair these two together, because at this point they are the ultimate power couple and might as well just be one person. It will be very interesting to see how they play off of new partners next week. Will they be able to keep the magic going?
  • Mitchell: He's been getting better and better as this season progresses, and the judges love to see that. Mitchell has really shined these past two weeks with a spicy Salsa and an emotional contemporary routine. Add all that to the fact that he was injured last week and still brought tears to our eyes, and I wouldn't plan on saying goodbye to Mitchell this week.
  • Ryan: She was a frontrunner coming into Season 8 having missed the Season 7 cast by thiiiiiis much, but Ryan has been overshadowed by some of the other girls this season. Her elimination this early would be a definite shock, but just to be safe she'll have to knock it out of the park tonight and stay out of that Bottom Three. 
  • Caitlynn: Last week I said that Caitlynn and Mitchell's partnership works so well because they bring the best out of each other. I'm worried that alone, Caitlynn won't be able to hold up to some of the more standout ladies this season. Her solos have been lacking in maturity and I don't know if we have a sense of who she really is. Tonight, she'll need to prove she has what it takes.
  • Jess: The way things are playing out this season, I should probably have put Jess under "safe," but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. His personality is incredibly grating and, although he is an excellent technician, he has yet to emotionally connect in any of his routines.
  • Alexander: If he makes it through to the Top 10, he will owe Sasha Mallory big time. Every week, the judges praise Sasha and then tell Alexander he needs to up his game. Barring an unbelievable solo with some real heart and soul, I think Alexander will be eliminated should he end up in the Bottom Three.
  • Ricky: This pains me, especially since I often enjoy his routines more than public, and I predicted him for the Top 4 at the beginning of this season. There's no doubt that Ricky is one of the most talented dancers this season, but there is definitely an emotional disconnect between him and audience, especially once you compare him to Tadd, Marko or Mitchell. Like Ryan, he will need to leave it all on stage tonight to ensure his safety.
  • Jordan: She's in one of my favorite couples, but her solos are really lacking in range and her results night outfits would make even a drag queen gag. Nigel gave her a stern warning to improve her solo last week, and I'm afraid she may be leaving if she doesn't follow through.  
  • Clarice: Compared to the other girls, Clarice has been laying low, which works both in her favor and to her detriment. She hasn't had nearly as many missteps as someone like Jordan, but hasn't been able to stand out as much as someone like Melanie. She could be in trouble if she lands in the Bottom Three. Otherwise, the real test will come in the Top 10 when we find out if voters have been paying any attention to her.
Of course, everything could change tonight when the Top 12 take the stage. Who do you think is safe, on the fence and in trouble? Who do you want to be saved and who do you hope to see go home tomorrow night?

[Image Source: FOX]
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