Friday, July 15, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 8: Top 12 Results

Perhaps I was still on a high from seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, but between the excitement surrounding eight Emmy nominations (including a long overdue nod for Cat Deeley), the announcement of next week's All-Stars and the harsh elimination determining the Top 10, last night's So You Think You Can Dance results show was anything but dull.

Of course, I'm getting way ahead of myself. Let's start from the very beginning...

The show started off with a fiery flamenco/jazz group number from choreographer Kelley Abbey. It began with Jordan in a massive red parachute dress and transitioned into some killer fan-ography by the ladies. And just when you thought the women were going to continue their domination, the guys came out with more aggression than I've seen from them this season. This was by far my favorite Latin-style group number in the series' history. Loved it.

We were then treated to a clip reel of all the Emmy-nominated routines from last season. All of the featured pieces were incredible, and each of the choreographers—Mandy Moore, Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey, Travis Wall, Tabitha and Napoleon Duomo—are deserving of the honor.

Unlike last season when Nigel tweeted the announcement of the All-Stars before the season started, the producers have been holding out on us until this point. Well, the wait is over and we know who the All-Stars are!
  • Melody (Season 1)
  • Allison (Season 2)
  • Pasha (Season 3)
  • Twitch (Season 4)
  • Comfort (Season 4)
  • Chelsie (Season 4)
  • Brandon (Season 5)
  • Kathryn (Season 6)
  • Robert (Season 7)
Nigel tweeted last night that the All-Stars will change every week, so hopefully we can get Katee Sheehan from Season 4 and Jakob Carr from Season 6! Alex Friggin' Wong was signed up to be an All-Star, but snapped his tendon at an audition last weekend, because apparently he can't catch a break. Come back to us, Alex!

I have to be honest, I fast forwarded through the guest tap number and Nicole Scherzinger. I was exhausted from too much Harry Potter hype and just wanted to see the solos and elimination. So there's that.

None of the Bottom Three couples were a terrible surprise, though I was relieved Jordan and Tadd ended up safe. After that horrid Broadway debacle on Wednesday, they had me a bit nervous. As for the solos...
  • Caitlynn's solo was much better than what we've seen in the past from her. She's always had the passion and energy, but there was a control last night that proved she is growing and maturing. ("The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga)
  • Mitchell came out guns blazing. He was aggressive and the choreography was relentless. I'm not so sure about that teal leotard, but the dancing more than made up for it. ("Ra" by Nathan Lanier)
  • Ryan, as Nigel pointed out, looked defeated before her solo even began. Her choreography was more unique than Caitlynn's—not just leaps and tricks—but it felt sloppy and unpolished. ("Not In Love" by Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith)
  • Ricky stepped up his game from last week's solo, hitting every single note and showing off how freakishly flexible he is. Also, I'm pretty sure he's still on that stage spinning—those turns never stop! ("Body Language" by Queen)
  • Sasha had the best choreography of the girls topped off with masterful execution. There's a reason I call her Sasha Fierce, after all. ("Thinkin' About Your Body" by Bobby McFerrin)
  • Alexander had never been in the Bottom Three before and you could tell he was a little frazzled. He's certainly a strong dancer, but his solo was too sloppy and uninspired. ("Palladio" by Escala)
After the solos it was pretty apparent who was going home and, sure enough, we said goodbye to Ryan and Alexander. It's got to be rough being eliminated right before the tour and the Top 10, but ultimately I think we have the right group of dancers moving forward. Alexander had been held up by Sasha for weeks and Ryan's growth on the show was starting to plateau.

Next week, the dancers pair up with the All-Stars and it's up to us to vote—the judges will no longer make the decision as to who goes home. Who are you rooting for going into the Top 10? Do you think the judges made the right decision last night? And who do you want to see come back as an All-Star?

[Image Source: FOX]

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