Friday, July 22, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 8: Top 10 Results

Last night's So You Think You Can Dance results show clipped along at a steady pace, which was fine by me because this recent heat wave has my apartment at a balmy 110° (the wine bottles started exploded randomly today... joy).

There weren't too many surprises—save for a surprising rules change—but let's get down to business and talk about last night's show, from sparkling hats to farewell moments.

The evening began with a Broadway routine by new choreographer Josh Bergasse to "On Broadway" from Smokey Joe's Cafe. I know this probably makes me un-American or something, but I'm not the biggest Leiber and Stoller fan, so I wasn't really feeling this number (though the last few moments were my favorite with the heel shift across the stage in a clump). Of course, I loved the glittery bowler hats—how could I not? The girls really outperformed the guys in this one, and I'm pretty sure it was because their hats had more glitter. Scientific fact.

I wasn't particularly captivated by Daniil Simkin from the American Ballet Theater (who could definitely pass as Cooper from Center Stage, amiright?) or the Gatorage Product Placement Extravaganza, but I was happy to see the lineup for next week's All-Stars!
  • Ivan (Season 2)
  • Jaimie (Season 3)
  • Anya (Season 3)
  • Pasha (Season 3)
  • Lauren G. (Season 3)
  • Neil (Season 3)
  • Ade (Season 5)
  • Lauren F. (Season 7)
I've never been a huge Ade fan, but the return of Pasha and Neil will make up for that. It's also interesting that Lauren Froderman is going to be an All-Star since she will be the first SYTYCD winner to return.

The dancers in the Bottom Four weren't a huge surprise—in fact, they were the four I predicted in yesterday's recap—but we should certainly discuss their solos:
  • Clarice gave the best solo of the night, infusing each step with fierceness and sass that we don't often see from her. It didn't hurt that I loved her song choice, but I was predicting that Clarice should stick around after that solo. ("Let Me Think About It (Radio Edit)" by Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand)
  • Mitchell didn't have a crazy teal leotard or a diaper last night, just an unnecessary scarf that distracted me throughout the entire solo. Did anything else happen? ("Time & Space" by The Cinematic Orchestra)
  • Jordan used the same song for her solo as she did on Wednesday, but used different choreography that unfortunately reverted her back a bit to a litany of developes. Add in a few stumbles here and there, and I was ready to say goodbye to Miss Jordan. ("Tonight" by Lykke Li)
  • Ricky once again displayed his amazing technique and ability, jamming a wide variety of turns and leaps into every second. His solo was certainly better than Mitchell's, but I just wish he would actually perform! ("Battle for the Beat" by District 78)
I'm sure I wasn't the only one confused that the judges went off to deliberate while Blush and Snoop Dogg took the stage—and, no, I didn't subject myself to that. After all, once we get to the Top 10 aren't the votes supposed to decide everything? Apparently not, and no one made any mention of a rule change. I guess they'll just keep us guessing for a few more weeks.

After the solos I was ready to say farewell to Jordan and Mitchell, and while Mitchell was cut by the judges, Jordan was granted a pardon and Clarice was sent smiling home. Ultimately, neither of them were going to win, but I will miss both of their positive attitudes and glowing smiles (awwwww!).

What do you think about last night's results? Were you confused about the judges making the decision? Do you think they chose the right dancers to go home? And are you excited for next week's Top 8 and All-Stars?

[Image Source: FOX]
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