Friday, July 29, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 8: Top 8 Results

Last night's results show on So You Think You Can Dance was jam-packed with dancing—which should sound redundant, but you know how these results shows go sometimes. From exciting group performances to guest stars to the (sometimes lackluster) solos, people were constantly leaping and bounding across the stage.

Let's get right to it, shall we? Because there are some things we need to dicuss about the results last night!

So, remember how yesterday I said that Tyce Diorio was having a bad season? Well, apparently he read my post and whipped up one helluva group number to shove right in my opinionated blogger face because that circus world routine was a weird, layered, never-ending spectacle and I loved every second. We've been due for a bizarre contemporary group routine this season and the dancers fully committed to being creepy circus folk—especially Tadd in that weird horizontal striped onesie (poor thing).

And if one killer group number wasn't enough, the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) came out to wow us again. I am always impressed with LXD and the way they know exactly how to draw our eyes with intricate staging and constant tension and release. The whole thing was a dizzying array of contemporary, hip hop and b-boy tricks and it was simply breathtaking.

Without wasting anytime, we got right along to the results and the Bottom Four, which shockingly did not include Ricky. Seriously, you guys? I know I predicted way back at the beginning of the season that he'd make the finale, but I was totally willing to be wrong on that point. There's no use crying over spilled milk, but there is use in tearing apart solos, right?
  • Jordan reverted back to her same old style of solo, full of sexy gestures and devlopes. And, to be honest, it wasn't even as good as her solos from earlier this season. ("S&M" by Rihanna)
  • Jess pulled out all the stops with his solo, sliding and pirouetting and leaping over every inch of the stage. It was the definition of "dancing for your life" and I didn't want it to end. ("Mack the Knife" by Kevin Spacey)
  • Caitlynn once again pushed as much hair in front of her face as possible, and then to make matters worse she did a solo that looked like something Jordan would've done. She's had much better solos this season—this actually might've been one of her worst. ("What Turns You On" by Katie Thompson)
  • Tadd apparently decided to not be outdone by Jess. He was hanging off the lighting tower, flipping off the stage and generally sending out every ounce of joy he could muster. Plus, the song choice was—as always—unexpected and delightful. ("Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte)
After the solos, I was crossing my fingers that the judges would do something unexpected and send both of the girls home. Their solos were so lackluster, especially compared to the showstopping solos that Jess and Tadd brought to the stage.

While the judges deliberated, we were treated to a performance by the previous night's guest judge, Lady Gaga. Weaving around a giant metal jungle gym set, she wailed out "Edge of Glory" and "You and I" with our SYTYCD darling Mark right by her side (rocking leather booty shorts and straps, no less). Trying to force choreography onto "You and I" was a little bizarre—that song was meant to be rocked behind a piano—but I just love her and I can't help it and I won't apologize for it. So there.

The judges came back out and unfortunately they didn't listen to my prayers for an all-female elimination. No, it was goodbye to Jordan and Jess. I never I thought I'd say this, but I was sad to see Jess go—I was just starting to like him!

So now we have a Top 6: Melanie, Sasha, Tadd, Marko, Ricky and Caitlynn. Next week we will decide who makes it into the finale, so make sure you are ready to vote like crazy! We can't risk Tadd falling into the bottom like this week! And although they didn't announce it on the show, @BuddyTV_SYTYCD reported last night that next week's All-Stars are:
  • Jaimie (S3)
  • Pasha (S3)
  • Twitch (S4)
  • Janette (S5)
  • Ellenore (S6)
  • Kent (S7)
What did you think of last night's results? Were you as shocked as I was that Ricky wasn't in the Bottom Four? Were you blown away by the group number and LXD? And who are you rooting for going into the Top 6?

[Image Source: FOX]

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