Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jane Lynch Harasses Bookstore to Promote New Book

I am a celebrity book addict. Christian Siriano, RuPaul, Kathy Griffin, Tim Gunn, Tina Fey—if they write 'em, I read 'em. Of course, some of them prove why they are famous for skills other than writing (sorry, Tim), but more often than not I'm willing to give them a shot.

Next month, Emmy award-winning actress Jane Lynch, most famous now for being Sue Sylvester on Glee, will release her memoir Happy Accidents. And true to her hilarious ways, she's bullying people into purchasing it. Check out the video below:

Tracking her life from the South Side of Chicago all the way to Hollywood success, Jane talks about being a "real-life Sue Sylvester" early in life and finding positivity to deal with confusion surrounding her sexuality. Here's an excerpt courtesy of Barnes and Noble:
If I could go back in time and talk to my twenty-year-old self, the first thing I would say is: “Lose the perm.” Secondly I would say: “Relax. Really. Just relax. Don’t sweat it.”

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t anxious and fearful that the parade would pass me by. And I was sure there was someone or something outside of myself with all the answers. I had a driving, anxiety-filled ambition. I wanted to be a working actor so badly. I wanted to belong and feel like I was valued and seen. Well, now I am a working actor, and I guarantee you it’s not because I suffered or worried over it.

As I look back, the road to where I am today has been a series of happy accidents I was either smart or stupid enough to take advantage of. I thought I had to have a plan, a strategy. Turns out I just had to be ready and willing to take chances, look at what’s right in front of me, and put my heart into everything I do. All that anxiety and fear didn’t help, nor did it fuel anything useful. My final piece of advice to twenty-year-old me: Be easy on your sweet self. And don’t drink Miller Lite tall boys in the morning.
With a forward by Carol Burnett, Happy Accidents looks to be a must-read for celebrity books addicts like me. It hits stores on September 13th, followed by book signings in New York, New Jersey, California and Illinois.

[Book Cover Image Source: Barnes and Noble]
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