Monday, August 22, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Rightfully Upset Over Song Leaks

Leaks of an artists' songs or albums is something of a touchy subject. Fans are rabid to get a hold of anything they can related to their favorite artists, and the ease of sharing on the Internet has only intensified that "need". On the other hand, the artists feel they should be able to present—and get paid for—the final product.

I side with the artists on this one. I tend to avoid listening to song leaks, let alone post them on here, because it is not the polished, finished version that we are intended to hear. There's too much unknown: Is this an old song or one on the upcoming album? Is this just a demo or is this the final track with all of the bells and whistles? I'd much rather hear the best the artist has to give me rather than a low quality mp3 that's been passed around the dark corners of the web.

One of the most recent victims of song leaks is pop diva (and Please Welcome Your Judges favorite) Kelly Clarkson. All summer long, Kelly Clarkson songs have been leaking left and right. With her new album Stronger continuously delayed, fans found themselves piecing together almost an entire album's worth of songs. Now the music goddess is speaking out... and she's not happy...

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kelly sounded off:
Oh my God, have you ever been robbed? I have. I’ve been physically robbed a couple of times, but this is much worse... There are songs out there that are from eight or 10 years ago [from when Clarkson was recording her first album, Thankful.] … People are always asking me to write for other artists. They’re awesome songs, [but] they’re just not songs I would normally sing... Those songs came out and people are like, “Oh my God, what direction is Kelly going?” she says. “I think what made me mad was that: 1) People stole from me, and 2): Everybody had no idea what my next album was going to sound like. That really caused a lot of confusion... Here’s the best part though. Nothing that’s leaked is the final version. Those are all demos. I don’t even have [the final version], by the way, because I’m so freaked out to put it on my computer.
Kelly's first official single, "Mr. Know It All," is scheduled for release on September 5th (following a live webcast premiere on August 30th), and Stronger is scheduled to hit stores on October 25th. And those dates are when I intend on listening to the music for the first time, song leaks be damned.

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