Monday, August 8, 2011

Project Runway All-Stars: Cast Revealed

We are only two episodes into Project Runway Season 9, but it's time to take a look forward at the upcoming Project Runway All-Stars!

Two months ago I highlighted my dream cast for All-Stars, choosing simply on talent instead of ratings-grabbing dramatics. This morning, the contestants, host, judges and mentor were announced, and it seems Lifetime didn't exactly take the same approach I did. Take a look at who they chose...

The All-Stars
  • Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
  • Kara Janx (Season 2)
  • Elisa Jemenez (Season 4)
  • Rami Kashou (Season 4)
  • Kathleen "Sweet P" Vaughn (Season 4)
  • Kenley Collins (Season 5)
  • Jerell Scott (Season 5)
  • Gordana Gehlhausen (Season 6)
  • Mila Hermanovski (Season 7)
  • Anthony Williams (Season 7)
  • Michael Costello (Season 8)
  • Mondo Guerra (Season 8)
  • April Johnston (Season 8)
The Host: Angela Lindvall, model

The Judges: Fashion Designers Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman, fashion designers

The Mentor: Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Clare magazine

First of all, I'm sad to see that Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim are not a part of All-Stars. I didn't love Isaac Mizrahi on Bravo's The Fashion Show (a.k.a. "We lost Project Runway but watch this instead!"), but I'm willing to give this new lineup a shot.

As for the All-Stars themselves, I'm happy to see that 5 of my dream picks made it: Jerell, Gordana, Mila, Mondo and April. There is way too little representation from Season 2 and ZERO representation from Season 3... criminal! Elisa, Kenley, Anthony and Michael are obviously there to vamp up the craziness/drama factor—is "spit mark girl" Elisa really one of the best designers in the show's history??

No word yet on a premiere date, though I imagine it'll be sometime in late fall.

Are you excited for Project Runway All-Stars? What do you make of the designers and the new judges/host/mentor? And who would you have liked to see brought back that was snubbed?

[Image Source: Marie Clare]
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