Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance, Season 8: Finale Predictions

Way back when, long before a single dancer had been eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance's Season 8 Top 20, I made some bold predictions about who would make the season's finale. I'm happy to report that three of my four predictions made it in—sorry, Ricky—and will compete tonight to become America's Favorite Dancer. It will be a bloodbath, for sure, as this is one of the most talented Top 4 in recent memory—probably since Kayla, Jeanine, Brandon and Evan in Season 5.

So now comes the hard part. The really, really, really hard part. Who is going to win this thing? Let's break down the Top 4 and make a few more bold predictions.

He's the one dancer I didn't predict to make it into the finale—though, to be fair, he was a close fifth—but he has certainly proved himself worthy week after week. Not only was he part of the "dynamic duo" of Season 8, but he consistently dances with an honest passion that can be heartbreaking, thrilling or unbelievably sexy depending on the choreographer's intentions. If anyone is going to get past the girls—and that's doubtful—I think it will be Marko.
We all fell in love with her during the auditions when she was simply "that girl who looks like Ginnifer Goodwin." Flash forward a few months and Melanie is one of the best female dancers to appear on the SYTYCD stage. Melanie dances with heart like no other competitor this season. She's been asked to be light as a feather in a Viennese Waltz, down and dirty in hip hop and everything else in between. No matter what, she elevates her character to a new level. She's more than a contender—she's a frontrunner.
I originally predicted Sasha to win the season—after all, she is Sasha Fierce—and there is no doubt that she has lived up to that name. Her soul is poured out into every movement when she's on that stage, and she is already dancing like an All-Star. When Nigel early on declared the girls the "Beasts of Season 8," we all knew he was talking about Sasha. And since the beginning, has there ever been any doubt that a "Beast" would take home the trophy?
The producers and judges kept talking about the incredible amount of hip hop and b-boy talent, but then each hip hop dancer was eliminated in rapid-fire fashion as soon as the results shows began. Lucky for us, Tadd survived with his ever-sparkling personality and unbelievable ability to take on new genres and styles like a chameleon. One week he's a contemporary dancer, the next week he's a professional ballroom dancer and then on results night we get to see the tongue-in-cheek b-boy solos that show his true roots. I'm a huge Tadd fan, but he's been in the Bottom Three throughout the season more than any other finalist. His chances for victory are probably the smallest.

I think it will come down to Melanie versus Sasha. They are both incredibly talented and deserving, but it seems like Melanie has the fan support to push her all the way to the top. Ultimately, I predict a Melanie victory.

Of course, tonight's performances could make or break any of the Top 4's chances. This fight isn't over yet! In tomorrow's recap there will be a poll of who you think will and should win, but for now—who is your favorite going into tonight's Top 4? Is it going to be a guy or girl taking the title? And are you sad that Season 8 is quickly coming to a close?!

[Image Source: FOX]
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