Friday, September 9, 2011

'Beauty and the Beast' Gets a Sassy Makeover

From the silver screen to the Broadway stage to theme park shows, the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast is one of Disney's most iconic musical numbers. The dizzying array of villagers and vignettes buzzing around Belle as she buries herself in a book and dreams of distant worlds is the perfect way to illustrate just how different she is from those around her. And after all, isn't it how we all learned the French word for "hello" growing up...? Just me?

But what if Belle had a little more... sass? In fact, what if Belle were just a gay man living in a place by Provincetown? Well, lucky for us, a YouTube video has popped up proving exactly how fantastic that would be. And, thus, I present to you "Bonjour, Girl"...

This has been playing on repeat non-stop since yesterday, so it's a little difficult to pinpoint my favorite moments, but I will tell you that "Nice try, ho" and "IT'S MY FAVORITE" are rapidly entering the house vernacular. God help us.

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