Saturday, September 24, 2011

Project Runway, Season 9 E9: Rocker With the Fringe On Top

It's still September, but October is right around the corner which means it's not too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume. What are you going to be? A sexy kitten? A sexy nurse? A sexy vampire? A drag queen's version of a deadbeat hippie with horrible fashion sense from the 1970s? If you answered that last option, then I highly recommend you rewatch the most recent episode of Project Runway because you will have tons of inspiration.

Another PRun rundown comin' atcha...

  • Challenge: The designers meet up with Tim and Garnier's Peter Butler at Rockwood Music Hall where they are introduced to The Sheepdogs, an unsigned band that will be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. They are tasked with creating an image for The Sheepdogs with the chance to have their look featured in an advertorial in Marie Claire and Rolling Stone, as well as a live Rolling Stone event (whatever that means). The eight remaining designers are broken off into two teams, though the only purpose of the teams seem to be so each band member is paired with one person from each team. It's not really clearly why "teams" were necessary, but just go with it. Of course, this all means that this is a MENSWEAR challenge, which are always trainwrecks. Always. Don't worry, though, because Olivier is a menswear designer so it will be a piece of cake. Ha.
  • In the Workroom:
    • Laura overspends at Mood, but Bert only bought a yard of fabric and some buttons so he gives her money. Awww.
    • Bert wants to make a blouse for his rocker. Oh, Queen Mother....
    • Anya lends Kimberly a disgusting orange print. A lot of helping going on this week which is unusual for this group, especially during a team challenge.
    • All the boys at some point end up in their underwear so they can try on the pants they are making, though I've noticed the female designers never need to do that when making a dress.
  • Olivier: Oh, yes, Little Olyveur gets his own bullet point again this week for once again making a complete ass of himself on national television and proving just how inexperienced and delusional he is. He was paired with the leading man, who he instantly labeled as "plus-sized." He certainly wasn't skinny, but let's cut the guy some slack here. He wasn't exactly Shamu. But enough from me, I'll let Ollivyr do the talking...
    • "He's massive."
    • "I don't know if he'll be happy, but he'll look good."
    • "You're big."
    • "I never really thought of making things for plus-sized people. You can call me ignorant." (I mean, c'mon...)
  • The Judges: Joining Michael, Nina and Heidi this week was former American Idol runner-up and current rocker Adam Lambert, who was actually pretty great as a guest judge. He understood the needs of the client and gave good constructive feedback. Nice work, Glambert!
  • Team Harmony: (Note - Not to be confused with the team I named Team Harmony during the TouchSmart challenge)
    • Anthony Ryan - Although the floral-turned-wood-grain print was cool, the cut of the top made it look more like a woman's blouse. The fit on the pants was way too loose, and although the fringe on the back was a good idea in theory, it went completely unnoticed when the band was playing.
    • Anya - Did you guys know Anya's only been sewing for four months? Okay, cool. Just checking. And if you didn't know, you could certainly tell by how horribly constructed her Pocahontas look was. Thank goodness he was hidden behind the drums.
    • Bert - The judges praised Bert for giving the lead man (remember, the "plus-sized" one) an actual look and image instead of an outfit. I can agree with that to an extent, but I cannot get behind those stupid pigtails. I enjoyed the striped pants, but the top was too blousy for a rocker.
    • Laura - The red jeans were completely awesome, and the effect of the jacket and the tank were great. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection the jacket looked like it was meant for a woman and the silk scarf didn't help that effect go away.
  • Team Untitled: (Worst. Name. Ever.)
    • Josh - If this whole fashion thing doesn't work out, Josh could definitely get a sick job working for iParty making costumes. Everything about this was so over the top and ridiculous, from the industrial zipper on the crotch to the dark pockets on white pants to the explosion of fringe all over the vest. I enjoyed the print he used for the tank top, but he needed to tone it all way down.
    • Kimberly - Kimberly knew from the start she was going to be lost, and she was absolutely right. The top looked straight out of The Flintstones and the orange/brown color combination wasn't doing him any favors.
    • Olivier - As if to prove the point that his guy was big, Olivier made everything way too small. And if that wasn't enough, it was all incredibly boring and unfinished, too. The rose/swan upholstery fabric was a terrible choice and he made no effort to actually make his guy look good.
    • Viktor - Let's be honest, Viktor was the only one who made an outfit that could actually be worn in 2011. He took the same '70s inspiration as everyone else but translated it to something wearable and cool. The motorcycle jacket with the braiding was fabulous, the jeans fit like a glove and the Western shirt was something I could definitely see working for the band.
  • Kors-ism of the Week: Michael went on a total tangent when talking about Anya's outfit. It was like the producers were behind the camera giving him a signal to keep on going. "I think he's like Reggae Jesus. I mean, he looks like he's got a suede lobster bib on. Uhhmmm.. It's like a Brady Bunch tashiki."
  • And the winner is: Viktor. A-duh.
  • Auf Wiedersehen to: Olivier. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Sayonara, sucker. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Did I miss anything?
Only four more designers need to be cut before we have our finalists, which means the competition is going to get tougher and tougher. And now that Olivier's two-week stint as villain is over, don't be surprised if Josh puts his bitch pants back on next week. Bring it on!

[Image Source: Lifetime]
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