Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Family Jules: Go Bullfrogs!

With college visits and visualization boards, Modern Family and Happy Endings both had the future in mind last night, and both delivered solid episodes. So before I gain five pounds of muscles (mussels?) before my first-class trip to Greece, let's breakdown the best moments of the night...

Modern Family
Season 3, Episode 6: "Go Bullfrogs!"
When Phil takes Haley to his alma mater for a college visit (go bullfrogsdogs!) while Luke and Alex go to sleepovers, Claire has a night to herself and she wants to spend it partying with the gays. Unfortunately, Cam and Mitchell are in a bit of a social rut—that is, until they accidentally steal a Prius—so Claire ends up spending the night with a man she incorrectly assumes is gay. Meanwhile, Gloria and Jay worry about a mysterious package that arrives for Manny.

Definitely a solid half-hour from Modern Family. I can totally relate with the Cam and Mitchell storyline, and it could have only been better if Nathan Lane made an appearance as Pepper Saltzman. Claire had the chance to be way less shrew this week and let her fun side out, which was a welcome change from the last few episodes when she was forced to play the bad guy. I didn't totally love the Jay-Gloria-Manny story—from all we know about Manny, it was obvious he wasn't looking at porn in his room—but Jay's obsession with Colombian telenovelas was hilarious and I hope becomes a recurring theme.
"You're not the first girl to leave me at this table with a plate full of chicken wings." - Phil, who barks—not croaks—on the phone at his old college friends.

"It's 9:30?!" - Mitchell, who has turned into an old woman.

"Oh! What'd she do?! Reinaldo!" - Jay, even though he knew she had a gun underneath that poncho.

"I happen to trust my daughter. Also, I was tracking her location with the GPS on her phone." - Phil, who is working on a forcefield to protect Haley.

"Why are you giving me attitude? You're the one that stole a car!" - Cam, incredibly concerned about the location of his pot pies.

"I took fashion advice from you!" - Claire, who has never seen Gone with the Wind.
Happy Endings
Season 2, Episode 4: "Secrets and Limos"
Dave is nervous about introducing his new girlfriend to the group because they are so judgmental, and Jane convinces Penny to start a visualization board to help get Year of Penny back on track, but ends up just meddling with her life. Brad's boss, who always has food on his face, becomes obsessed with Max's limo—and Max.

Hitfix's Alan Sepinwall brought up a great point today about these characters: they are not good people, and the show only works when they acknowledge and embrace that and use it to it's comedic best. It reminds me a lot of the Cul De Sac Crew on Cougar Town—which can't come back soon enough—and is probably a big reason why I love this show. Neurotic Jane = Hilarious Jane, and the visualization board plot served Neurotic Jane well. Dave and Alex together are probably the weakest pairing among the ensemble, so Alex being jealous of Dave's new girl wasn't exactly a high point in the episode, but that was counterbalanced by the awesomeness that is any Max-Brad plot, especially one that involved Max's '80s limo.
"Well, technically she didn't have me on the board. It was just a picture of one of the guys from In Living Color." - Brad, making a meta Wayans joke, who knows there's no way Edward James Olmos likes to be called Eddie Jimmy.

"Sorbet's really a palate cleanser." - Alex, who is not good at puns.

"Lots of people use Pedal to the Petal." - Jane, who makes LeBron references she doesn't understand and is weirdly attracted to Adrien Brody.

"People are like 'There's Max. Watch what happens.' Then other people are like 'very funny' and then other people are like 'Characters Welcome.'" - Max, who once ate a winning lottery ticket, using the taglines for Bravo, TBS and USA.

"It was a surprisingly long letter given the fact that she is dead." - Penny, who is still carrying Ricky Lake's wallet.
[Image Source: ABC]
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