Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Family Jules: Halloween, The Super Bowl of Drinking

It's the end of October, which means it's time to strap on your costumes, pass out candy and judge what other people are wearing for Halloween. And if you love TV—which I'm assuming you do—it means we have a good week's worth of Halloween-themed episodes. And while Christmas- or Valentine's Day-themed episodes usually need to fit in some sort of sentimental payoff, Halloween episodes give a show a chance to just go balls-to-the-wall crazy (see last year: Glee's Rocky Horror episode that reaired last night, Modern Family's Haunted House episode that also reaired last night and Community's zombie episode). Last night, Happy Endings joined that tradition with an exceptionally entertaining Halloween episode.

So before I find a replacement costume for my Lady Gaga meat suit, let's take look at the best moments of last night...

Happy Endings
Season 2, Episode 5: "Spooky Endings"
Most of the group attends a Halloween bash in quite the collection of costumes and have no luck finding Halloween hookups. Penny and Max, in a mother/baby couples costume, struggle to get their flirt on while Dave strikes out with the ladies and Alex gets hit on by Henry—awesome guest star David Walton (Vance on Perfect Couples, Pete on the upcoming NBC show Bent)—who thinks she's a man. Meanwhile, Jane and Brad are house-sitting Breezy Acres in the suburbs and have to battle the big kids when they run out of candy.

Last night's episode had the group divided into the classic pairings—Max/Penny, Brad/Jane, Alex/Dave—which allowed us to have three times as many laughs. While the Alex/Dave storylines tend to have more heart, last night they went just as crazy as the rest of 'em (and I say the more Austin Powers impressions from Zachary Knighton the better). Max and Penny as mother and baby was an amazing setup for some serious physical comedy from Casey Wilson and Adam Pally (especially the scenes at the buffet and the urinal), and watching Eliza Coupe waddle around in that bacon costume was fantastic.
"Halloween is the Super Bowl of drinking." - Max, who thinks the Super Bowl is the Halloween of football, Halloween is the Arbor Day of urinating and Arbor Day is the Wimbeldon of having sex.

"Super topical. Can’t wait to see your Borat costume in 9 years." - Alex to Dave, who is dressed as Billy Joel Elton John Austin Powers.

"What's bacon without eggs?!" - Jane, who gives the quiche stone in Breezy Acres a check plus.

"Clean it up, Polanski." - Jane to Brad, who wants use the promise of candy to lure kids to a grown man’s hot tub.

"Your weird gay turkey party is going to have to wait because Slutty Betsy Ross is moving in on my Lincoln!" – Penny, who doesn't want to hang out with ZZ Top Gun anymore.

"I can't wait to see your penis." - Henry, whose confusion inspires Alex to enter the drag contest, which she loses to Max.

"You sound like a man, you have a man’s name and you’re wearing the most iconic drag costume of all time, but, on the bright side, the hottest guy here thinks you’re the hottest guy here." - Dave, who loves couples costumes like Double Penn.
What did you think of the Happy Endings Halloween episode? Are you sending back your Austin Powers costume? Are you worried you don't have enough candy to pass out on Monday? And are you sad that Max and Henry didn't end up together at the end of the episode?

[Image Source: ABC]
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