Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Family Jules: Stellaaaa!

With references to A Streetcar Named Desire and The Blind Side, men wearing shirt-dresses and women wearing baby onesies, missing dogs and '80s limousines, I'd say last night's Modern Family and Happy Endings were a rousing success.

Before we argue about the difference between cake and ice cream cake, let's talk about the best moments from each episode...

Modern Family
Season 3, Episode 4: "Door to Door"
Claire is determined to get a stop sign in a busy intersection, but her family is no help, especially Luke and Phil who are busy trying to be YouTube stars. Jay tries to help Manny sell wrapping paper and Cam, trying to avoid cleaning the kitchen, helps Gloria find runaway puppy Stella.

There were so many wonderful components to this episode. Gloria screaming is never not funny, and when you add Cam screaming into the mix—especially when he's doing his best Marlon Brando impression—the results are comedy gold. Jesse Tyler Ferguson is a master at physical comedy, and his destruction of the living room at the end was brilliant, as was the guest appearance by Arrested Development alum David Cross (who also recently did a stint on Archer—he's everywhere and I love it). And I was thrilled to have Manny back in the limelight. His attempts at selling wrapping paper reminded me of my own feeble attempts as a kid.
"What are you worried about, that some money will fly in and your gardener will have to rake it up?" - Gloria, who doesn't understand the need to close the gate.

"Cam, whenever you get creative in the kitchen, I'm the one who ends up cleaning it up, OK? The homemade pizza, fondue, molecular gastronomy — I am still cleaning the shrimp foam out of the curtains." - Mitchell, who missed out on meeting a little girl named Blanche.

"I see myself as the part I was born to play. STELLAAAAAA! STELLAAAAAAA!!" - Cam, reenacting A Streetcar Named Desire complete with tight v-neck shirt.

"If he wants to go into a restaurant and pretend we're Australian, then g'day mate! Toss a few shrimp on the barbie for me and my joey. Nicole Kidman. Men at Work." - Phil Clive Bigsby, star of Stop in the Name of Life.

"Change doesn't just happen. It is forged by empowered women like me, and Norma Rae, and the lady from The Blind Side. You know what the difference is between me and her? Blind Side's family had her back." - Claire, who ended up being blindsided (and Blind Side-ed) by her family.

"34 is not the same as 50 just the same way a cake isn't the same thing as an ice cream cake!" - David Cross (did his character have a name?), disappointed with his birthday celebration.
Happy Endings
Season 2, Episode 2: "Baby Steps"
Jane tracks down the family she donated an egg to 11 years ago to try and connect with her "egg baby," Dave hires Max to work on the food truck and Alex's store becomes the new hot spot for teenagers when she starts selling baby t-shirts.

After last week's rocky premiere, Happy Endings was back on track this week with "Baby Steps." Penny continues to be my favorite character (her "Dios mio!" was the best), but this episode provided a great showcase for Jane and Max. And, of course, Damon Wayans Jr. in a shirt-dress makes everything better.
"Why would you deposit money in a sperm bank?" - Alex, who likes Madison but thinks Madison is a total bitch.

"The price was right and daddy likes a deep tuck." - Brad, who has store credit at Alex's boutique.

"Wow! This place hasn't been this busy since before you owned it and it was that awesome cell phone store." - Penny, whose Samantha Jones impression is getting really good.

"The only place this leads is Melissa Joan Hart playing you in a Lifetime movie." - Brad, who saw Kate Winslet cleaned up with Mildred Pierce.

"Bill Gaherty wants me to text him a picture. Which one should I wear? 'Put me to bed' or 'I pooped'? … I just answered my own question." - Penny, who spent an entire year pretending to be a Mexican exchange student in order to avoid the mean girls in high school.

"You know if I don't know what a word means I immediately think the definition is my testicles." - Max, who wants to go to the airport, read some Tom Clancy novels and get hammered.

[Image Source: ABC]
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