Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet Marbles Hargrove, Melissa McCarthy's Alter Ego

Earlier this week, Best Week Ever unveiled some long-lost YouTube videos of Emmy-winner Melissa McCarthy as her video-blogging alter ego, Marbles Hargrove. Along with her off-screen sidekick Randy, she covered topics ranging from E. coli—Taco Bell is essentially a petri dish for it—to the Oscars.

The videos have had me hysterically laughing all week, so without further ado I give you Marbles Hargrove...

Marbles Hargrove: Number One

"I'm just gonna say Oscar buzz."

Marbles Hargrove: Apocastinko

"You know, I feel both historically and cinematically raped by that piece of film-making."

Marbles Hargrove: E. coli Bacteria

"Looks like pork, Randy!!"

Marbles Hargrove: Oscars '08

I just love the air quotes she gives on "Sciences."

Enjoy. And you're welcome.
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