Friday, October 7, 2011

Project Runway, Season 9 E11: Birds of a Feather

He rocks in the tree tops all day long 
Hoppin' and a-boppin' and singing his song 
All the little birdies on Jaybird Street 
Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet

Oh, how I wish that had been the runway song this week. But, alas, I had to just be content singing to myself as this week's entries paraded up and down the Project Runway studio.

This week's episode featured twists, hypocrites and lots of fine feathered friends. So before you ask to borrow some of my fabric, let's get to the rundown...

  • Challenge: After Heidi told them to spread their wings, the remaining six designers met up with Tim, L'Oreal Paris' Collier Strong and three exotic birds that would serve as the inspiration for a high fashion runway look. The winning look came paired with $20,000 and a L'Oreal Paris advertorial in Marie Claire. There was also something about this all tying together with a new L'Oreal product, but I really couldn't care less. Blah blah. The exciting part came when Tim paired the designers up into teams of two—each one assigned a bird—and told that they'd be competing against their teammate. One person in the top, one person in the bottom. They've done this on Top Chef before and it always adds a little bit of extra tension into the proceedings—reality television gold!
  • TWIST!!!!: After a trip to Mood and a few hours in the workroom, Tim informed the designers they would need to make a second look inspired by their bird. Panic filled the air.
  • UNTWIST!!!!: J/K LOL, designers! Only one look needed to go down the runway. That was good news for those who had one good look and one terrible look, bad news for those who actually put some time and thought into each design and totally lame for those of us watching from home.
  • In the Workroom:
    • Viktor uses the word "glam-azing" to describe his garment and I die a little inside.
    • Everyone is relatively quiet and peaceful, so a production assistant lets a cockroach free into the workroom to see who screams louder: Kimberly or Joshua. Unfortunately for the betting pool, Kimberly wins.
    • Collier Strong consults the designers on makeup and I grab a snack.
    • Kimberly seriously struggles: stains on her fabric, a sewing needle through her finger, a breakdown in the bathroom, throwing her dress onto a glue gun. Tim gives her a pep talk and hug and I exclaim my love for him.
    • Josh asks Anya for fabric and she doesn't want to, because it's too far into the competition to help people. Unlike last week when she lost her money and everyone helped her... that was completely different, you guys!
    • Viktor once again claims someone is copying him. Give it a rest, lady.
  • The Judges: Michael, Nina and Heidi were joined by Francisco Costa, Women's Creative Director for Calvin Klein and Season 5 guest judge. Not so many hilarious quips from the judges this week, which was especially surprising given how many bird puns could've been dished out.
  • Top Three:
    • Anya (Raven) - This was certainly a different approach for Anya, but I think she was given a little too much credit for that. To me, the dress was overworked and a lot of the design elements were unflattering—who wants to have a poofy crotch in their dress?! I was outnumbered by the judges, though, who called the look fashion-forward, modern, dramatic and urban. Whatever.
    • Josh (Parrot) - For someone who has serious problems editing, this was quite the easy breezy look from Josh. The bright orange popped perfectly on the runway and the flower detail was just enough to remind us it was a Josh creation. Most importantly, the model looked fantastic with that beautifully draped silhouette.
    • Kimberly (Cockatoo) - After all of her trials and tribulations, Miss Kimberly turned out a lovely white gown. From where I was sitting, the cutout was a bit vulgar and the whole effect was a little too bridal, but I loved the pearl details on the bodice (Michael did not).
  • Bottom Three:
    • Laura (Raven) - Laura's biggest mistake was how literal she made the look. If she had extrapolated a bit more from the bird theme and not just stuck feathers on an otherwise great jacket, the judges probably would've forgiven the major fit issues in the leggings.
    • Bert (Parrot) - Poor Bert was just not feeling this challenge, and instead of creating a joyous garment to reflect the mighty Amazon Parrot, he sent out a sad, drab gray dress that looked like it cost about $3. The layering idea in the skirt was great in concept, but in execution it looked unfinished and floppy.
    • Viktor (Cockatoo) - This is one of my least favorite looks from Viktor by far. The feathering looked randomly placed and made the whole dress look off-balance. The effect was certainly romantic, but it was way too literal and the yellow detail color was not soft enough to match the rest of the dress.
  • Kors-ism of the Week: Not Michael's most creative week, but I loved his description of Josh's dress: "But then all of a sudden she had to get the 'I was drunk in the Caribbean at a party' corsage on her shoulder!"
  • And the winner is: Anya! Wait... huh? Does this really keep happening? Josh was the definite winner here, but once again the judges gave it to their little pet. She's obviously got a ticket straight to Fashion Week. I just hope she doesn't pull a Gretchen and take the win.
  • Auf Wiedersehen to: Bert. Not really a surprise, though a shame considering we were all starting to like him again.

We're down to the Top 5, which is crazy because it feels like we were just starting this season! The stakes are getting higher, which means the drama is, too. Speaking of which, did any of you watch the new post-Runway special, After the Runway? It's kind of like Lifetime's version of Watch What Happens Live!. The designers called out Anya on her hypocrisy and Season 3 finalist/"bad mommy" Laura Bennett had quite the shouting match with Josh. Watch it here, it's totally worth it.

[Image Source: Lifetime]
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