Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sick Day Movie Reviews: The Change-Up

Sick days are not fun. And we've all had enough of them to know that, so I won't go into any further detail. The only upside to a sick day? Some time to catch up on the movies and TV shows we've been too busy to watch otherwise. Throughout the day, I'll be posting some mini-reviews of the things I'm catching up on.

First on the docket? Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds summer flick The Change-Up. My mini-review coming up after the jump...

Take two of Hollywood's most charming on-screen personalities—Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds—and throw them together in a Freaky Friday-esque scenario. Sounds like a winning combo, right? 

In this essential remake, Bateman plays Dave, a successful lawyer/family man whose life has become a sea of diapers, and Reynolds is Mitch, his freewheeling best friend who wouldn't know responsibility if it bashed him in the head. So far, so good. These personalities are ripe for a swap and some jaunting through each other's life.

Well, turns out that in an attempt to make this a "guys' version" of Freaky Friday, the focus went way too far into overgrossed and oversexed territory to the point where Bateman and Reynolds' personas just became the same: rude, crude dudes who become completely unaware of their effect on the lives of those around them. So happy these are two we are invested in...

The movie does occasionally find its heart, mainly with Dave's wife played by the ever-wonderful Leslie Mann, and occasionally hits a joke on a level above those exchanged on a middle school bus trip. Those moments, however, are few and far between and we are too often bombarded with an endless stream of vulgarity and immaturity.

Ultimately, The Change-Up was a disappointment, and I'd like to believe that Bateman and Reynolds had quite the meta moment when screaming "I want my old life back!" at the end.

Grade: C-

Not a great way to start out the Sick Day Movie Marathon, but there's still hope yet.

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