Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ABC Announces the Return of 'Cougar Town'

The most recent new episode of Cougar Town aired on May 25, 2011. Yup... the Season 2 finale was 237 days ago, and no amount of red wine, Penny Can or DVD watching can make up for the fact that ABC has been infuriatingly ambiguous on their plans for the return of the beloved show.

First, the network planned to have Season 3 premiere in November after Dancing With the Stars concluded its fall run. Then November came and went and a midseason premiere seemed likely, until the midseason schedule was released without so much as a footnote about the Cul-De-Sac Crew and news later broke that the episode order for the season was reduced from 22 episodes to 15. Wah wah.

Since then, show creators Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence have taken matters into their own hands, launching a nationwide series of Cougar Town viewing parties at which fans meet members of the cast and crew, play Penny Can and view a handful of Season 3 episodes. The whole point? Keep Cougar Town in people's minds, reward the fans and promote the show that ABC refuses to pay attention to.

Thankfully, it seems that hard work has finally paid off. Keep reading after the jump for the long-awaited premiere date for Season 3 of Cougar Town...

It looks like Valentine's Day will be extra sweet this year, because Cougar Town Season 3 will premiere on Tuesday, February 14th at 8:30pm. Cancel your romantic dinner plans, y'all.

The reality (or lack thereof) of a Season 4 renewal for the show is still completely up in the air—and while I try desperately to remain optimistic, I have serious doubts—but at this point I am simply relieved to know we will finally get to see Season 3 of this fantastic show.

And as for those viewing parties I talked about earlier... Bill Lawrence has yet to announced the dates for the East Coast parties in New York City, Boston and Connecticut, but promises to release the information later this week. Keep an eye on his Twitter feed for details and make sure to email the RSVP address as soon as you can—those parties fill up fast!

So get ready, Cougar Town fans. Valentine's Day will be here faster than you can scream, "PENNY CAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!"

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[Image Source: ABC]
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