Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Family Jules: Oh F***!

Note to readers: if my wedding is anything like the wedding pictured above, please give me a huge round of applause. Light-up bow ties? WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!

Anyway, I digress. In addition to luminescent bridesmaids, this week's Modern Family and Happy Endings featured swearing toddlers, doggy-paddling pooches, v-neck inter-vee-ntions and more. So before I unintentionally go viral, let's take a look at last night's episodes...

Modern Family
Season 3, Episode 13: "Little Bo Bleep"
The Dunphys help Claire prepare for a city council election debate against Duane Bailey (David Cross) and Jay becomes concerned about Stella's mental health when she continues to jump in the pool. Mitchell and Cam argue about how to deal with Lily, who has begun freely dropping the f-bomb just before being a flower girl in a friend's wedding.

Modern Family has the unfortunate situation of having an election arc at the same as Parks and Recreation and, let's be honest, Parks just does it so much better.I was concerned that focusing an episode on Claire's chronic unlikability might just exacerbate the situation, but it turned into quite the amusing spectacle. Julie Bowen's spastic gestures during the debate were hilarious—even as the situation grew more and more cringe-worthy—and I wouldn't be surprised if she used this as her Emmy submission episode this summer.

Like Cam, I am of the mindset that a swearing toddler is never not funny, so Lily's constant f-bombing—combined with that heinous dress—had me in stitches, as did Stella in the pool with the life jacket.

And now, as always, the best lines of the night:
"Oh, f***!" - Lily, who looks like a Lite Brite.

"I've always assumed adoption or baby switch." - Alex, who is clearly the smartest Dunphy.

"This is my new favorite show." - Cam, who was a three-time ring bearer, watching Claire's debate.

"I am Phil Dunphy and I am not a pervert." - Phil, the Public Acces Pervert.

"Someday I'll walk you down the aisle." - Phil
"If you're not in Perv Jail." - Haley, who continues to be my favorite this season.
Happy Endings
Season 2, Episode 12: "Makin' Changes!"
Penny starts dating loser Jeff (played by Party Down and Veronica Mars alum Ryan Hansen) and tries to change everything about him, because that's what Jane says she did with Brad. Upon hearing this story, Brad reverts back to his old self to prove a point which, of course, backfires. Meanwhile, Alex and Max try to get Dave to face his addiction with v-neck shirts.

With the potential Dave/Penny relationship essentially squashed (for now) by their parents, Penny's love life is back in the spotlight and, like always, in total shambles. Casey Wilson channeled her "inner Jane" wonderfully, and she and Ryan Hansen played off each other so well. I know he's engaged and out of the picture now, but I'd love to see Jeff back in the future.

Brad and Jane's story fell a little short to me for most of the episode—was Brad really surprised that Jane credited herself with transforming him?—but the payoff with Blackass and "old previous Jane" was well worth it. Dave's v-neck obsession has gotten a lot of attention on the show, and that comedy well has hardly gone dry, but the intervention had more potential than what played out last night. Still, Alex and Max together is a pretty funny duo and it's nice to see Elisha Cuthbert continue to strengthen her character's identity. Stupid Alex = Hilarious Alex.

Onto the best lines of the night...
"It's like NordicTrack, only with wolves!" - Penny, avid cross-country skier.

"He's a scrub. I don't want no scrub. A scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me. I can't go back on a mantra like that!" - Penny, who wants to make out with Jeff after he shaves his face and burns his hat.

"Humor... Mode... Activated!" - Dave, who has a "farmer's v."

"Ooo I wish my last name was a cookie." - Alex, who just learned a baker's dozen is 13, not 11.

"I forgot how much you rocked Gwen Stefani chola eyebrows." - Brad, star of Blackass and the Snack Pack Mouse Trap Front Flip.
[Image Source: ABC]
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