Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Family Jules: Reruns Make Me Sad

During any normal week, now is about the time when I'd post the weekly Happy Family Jules post reviewing the latest episodes of Modern Family, Happy Endings and—once it's finally back from its hiatus—Cougar Town and recounting the funny lines and moments from each. However, this week is no normal week. If you tried to tune in last night, I'm guessing you were rolling your eyes at the sight of another round of reruns.

Le sigh.

Things had finally started chugging along after our month-long break for the holidays, but apparently three episodes is enough to keep us satisfied for another three weeks because Modern Family and Happy Endings won't return with new episodes until February 8th. Blerg.

The good news? That means only one more Happy Family Jules that is Jules-less, as Cougar Town finally returns on February 14th and will rejoin the ranks. Though its new time slot is on Tuesday nights, I'll hold off until Thursdays to post all the reviews together so we'll have one long post of good laughs.

The bad news? The next new episode isn't for another two weeks. Is this an attempt to build hype for Feburary Sweeps? Do those even exist anymore? Thank goodness for adorable pictures of Stella like the one above for keeping my spirits up.

So as we wait for some of the funniest shows on TV to return... how are you spending these weeks of reruns? Sound off in the comments!

[Image Source: ABC]
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