Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adele Makes a Stunning Return at the Grammys

Today is Valentine's Day, a day for love, chocolate, the premiere of Cougar Town (more on that later), romance and sweethearts. Unless, of course, you are celebrating Anna Howard Shaw Day or just protesting the holiday altogether. If you fall in that last category, then I have just the video for you.

Two days ago at the 54th Grammy Awards, Adele made her first public appearance since having her throat surgery. And not only did she sweep every category in which she was nominating—hauling a total of six awards—but she also gave one of the most stunning performances of the night, singing her hit "Rolling in the Deep." And if you are looking to speak out against the evils of love, you may want to give this one a look...

I love that she just stands there and belts out the song, letting her voice and the amazing lyrics take center stage instead of some flashy, over-the-top spectacle. Note to Adele's potential valentines: don't mess this one up.

[Image Source: SFWeekly]
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