Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NBC's 'Bent' Premieres Tonight

First of all... I know. It's been almost three full weeks without a peep from me around these parts. Chalk it up to some post-Oscars fatigue, but rest assured that I'm back on the block and ready to rock. Pinky swear.

Last May, I started talking about a new NBC sitcom called Bent. Starring Amanda Peet—Jack & Jill, anyone?—as recent divorcee Alex and Perfect Couples' David Walton as her new contractor/sure-to-be romantic interest Tim Pete Riggins, it was one of the shows that really caught my eye following last year's Upfronts Week. Unfortunately, the network tabled the show for a midseason premiere while it put faith in other comedies like Free AgentsWhitney, and Are You There, Chelsea?. Nice work, NBC.

Fast forward 10 months and NBC is finally bringing Bent to primetime, with the series premiere airing tonight at 9/8c. All reviews leading up to tonight's premiere highlight the mix of humor and heart in the show, which is right up my alley (and anyone else who loves comedies like Parks and Recreation or Cougar Town). The show takes its title from the life motto of Pete's father (played by Arrested Development alum Jeffrey Tambor), "Bent not broken." The characters aren't perfect, but they're not giving up either.

Take a look at the full-length trailer for Bent after the jump...

And, yes, that's Friday Night Lights' own Jesse Plemons (aka Landry "Lance" Clarke) as one of Pete's fellow contractors. We can only hope he constantly calls Pete by his last name. Landry and Riggins reunited... kind of.

If for no other reason than David Walton being insanely hilarious and needing to be on a successful sitcom, I encourage you all to tune in tonight for the series premiere. And, as an added bonus, for the next three weeks, Bent will air two episodes a night starting at 9/8c on NBC.

[Image Source: NBC]
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