Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Runway All Stars: Who Will Win?

After shocking auf's, mental breakdowns, and more history-marking than Joanna Coles can shake a bra at, Project Runway All Stars will air its finale tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime. The fine field of competitors have been whittled down to three: Austin Scarlett, Mondo Guerra and Michael Costello. And though the winner may seem rather obvious, I've learned to stop trusting my gut when it comes to Project Runway. Just ask Gretchen Jones and Anya Ayoung-Chee... anything can happen on this show!

So before the finale begins, here's a quick rundown of my thoughts on each of the remaining designers and their chances at being crowned the All Stars champion tonight!

Michael Costello
When looking at the Top 3, Michael is the obvious second runner-up here. Of course, I've never taken to Michael the way some fans and, obviously, the judges have, so take that with a grain of salt. While his technical skills and draping abilities have rendered some good looks on the runway, I don't think he has the show-stopping sense of glamour and drama that are second nature to his competitors. Plus, he's doing a safari-themed collection for the finale, and we all know how that worked for Mychael Knight back in Season 3 (I still shudder anytime I hear "Urban Safari"). Still, the producers have always loved Mr. Costello and have played up his "rags to riches" storyline ever since Season 8. A surprise win, deserved or not, wouldn't actually be a shocker considering the new Runway regime.

Mondo Guerra
Let's be honest: the idea of Project Runway All Stars began as soon as Gretchen Jones beat out Mondo in the Season 8 finale. The entire season has played out as one big redemption story for Mondo, and for the most part that's been fine by me. I have loved his designs throughout both of his seasons, and I think he brings a unique point-of-view to his take on fashion. Unfortunately, he has become quite the prickly diva these last few weeks which is making it awfully hard to root for him. His therapy-inspired designs look good enough for a win tonight and I can't imagine that's not where this all heading, but I'm not sure I'll be happy about it.

Austin Scarlett
If anyone has a shot at beating Mondo, it's Austin. He is the original standout designer in the Project Runway franchise, even though he famously did not make it to the Season 1 finale. Austin has such a wonderful eye for glamour and manages to expertly mix it with other, edgier styles while still keeping a whimsical romanticism in the clothing. He is a little less consistent than Mondo—when he misses, he misses big—but a major win for Austin Scarlett has been a long time coming. He may not be the odds on favorite to win tonight, but, aw heck... I'm calling it anyway!

Austin Scarlett for Project Runway All Stars champion!

Tune in tonight to Lifetime at 9/8c to see if my prediction becomes a reality or if its just a pipe dream fueled by Mondo's bad attitude.

[Image Source: Lifetime]
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