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Project Runway, Season 10 E3: Emmy Emotions

After last week's candy catastrophe, Project Runway seemingly apologized for their bad behavior and gave us a little gift for sticking with them: a team challenge. Wahoo! I love a good team challenge because it always unleashes the crazies onto each other. Not that anyone is making a claim that people who go on reality TV shows are totally sane, but some of these people take the cake when it comes to psychotic antics. Add in some Runway alums and you have an episode that greatly improved on its predecessor.

So who let the claws come out and who made it work? A full rundown of last night's episode is coming up after the jump...

The designers met Tim at South Street Seaport and were introduced to Brian Bolain who... actually, you know what? Can we skip the part about Lexus and the color of the cars and yadda yadda yadda? Honestly, that was some seriously clunky product placement.

Anyway, the actual challenge was to design a dress for the Emmys red carpet for a former Project Runway designer. Who knows why Valerie is hypothetically going to the Emmys, but let's just go with it. The designers were given $300 and one day to complete the challenge with their partner, and God bless the producers for giving us some fantastic (and tragic) pairings. Seriously... Elena and Buffi? Christopher and Andrea? Gunnar and Kooan?! Bravo. Project Runway History:
I'm a little disappointed that after I went through all the trouble of making this category to mock them, Tim and Heidi have been positively mute when it comes to grand declarations about Project Runway's history. C'mon! Don't they know I have a review to write?!

Luckily, everyone's favorite bad mommy Laura Bennett was up for the challenge when she cackled at Elena's concerns about time. "...for the first time in Project Runway history..." she chortled, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she all but smacked Elena across the face. I love you, Laura.

In the Workroom:
  • "As you know I'm VINTAGE and also FASHION FORWARD!" said Kenley, not at all playing to the cameras.
  • Elena makes Buffi iron pleats all the livelong day, then gets stressed and starts swearing, then storms off and complains about time constraints, then tells us Ukraine is full of assholes. Basically, she comes undone before our eyes.
  • "I can't tell if it's arrogance or confusion. I just wanna smack her!" says Gunnar about Irina without even a sliver of self-awareness.
  • Raul bemoans having to design anything for the red carpet, revealing a complete ignorance of the show he's on.
  • Andrea takes an entire day to sew a skirt and laughs about her mistakes, giving Christopher a mini rage stroke.

The Judges:
Heidi, Michael and Nina were joined by Krysten Ritter... and I'm not really sure why. Yes, Krysten has a great fashion sense. And, yes, Krysten is the star of a moderately successful network sitcom right now. But if you're going to do a challenge about the Emmys, why would your guest judge be an actress who has never been to the Emmys?! Where was Connie Britton??

Top Two:
  • Gunnar and Kooan for Irina (Season 6 Winner) - Whhhhaaaaat?! I just don't understand. That white dress was ill-fit, horribly constructed and a total red carpet cliche. Apparently not, because the judges called it beautiful, dramatic and eye catching. I'll admit that the silver around the neck was a gorgeous accent, but certainly didn't make it Top Two material. I love that the entire time the judges were praising the dress, Irina had a total "WTF?!" face. I know, Meana Irina. I know.
  • Ven and Fabio for Kenley (Season 5/All Stars) - Though it wasn't one of my picks for the Top Two, I can at least understand the judges' admiration for Ven's dress. Oh, wait. Fabio worked on it, too. My bad. I loved the navy blue color and the pleating, and it was certainly in line with Kenley's style, but it didn't have the "wow" factor that an Emmy dress needs to have.

Bottom Two:
  • Christopher and Andrea for Anya (Season 9 Ugh Winner) - This was a total design breakdown. I hated the shade of brown they chose (though I often doubt there is a good shade of brown) and the silhouette did everything in its power to make the absolutely stunning Anya look dreadfully dumpy. If you are making Anya look fat, there's an issue. Meanwhile, the gold stud accents were a mismatch, the slit was way too high, and the construction was poor at best. And all of the passive aggressive runway antics did not help me feel bad for either one of them.
  • Raul and Alicia for Mila (Season 7/All Stars) - If you gave me one day and $300, I'm pretty sure I could've come up with this dress. Raul and Alicia didn't bother to think outside the box and design a tailored suit, which is what they are both supposedly great at, and tried to tack together a gown while moaning about it the entire time. Everything was sloppy and made Mila look horrible. And let's just pretend that ponytail extension never happened, mkay?

Honorable Mention:
My favorite look of the night went unnoticed by the judges. I adored Sonjia and Nathan's dress for Valerie (Season 8)! The sparkly gold fabric was perfect for the Emmys and the silhouette flattered Valerie's body beautifully. The sheer cutouts in the back were a great detail that kept the look from being just a giant gold column, and I would've had them in the Top Two for sure.

Dishonorable Mention:
After all the bickering and dramatics, Elena and Buffi could've at least busted out a decent look. Instead, their dress for Laura (Season 3) was like an Amish nightmare. The dress single-handedly aged her thirty years, and the hair style wasn't doing much to counteract the aging process. Poor Bad Mommy!

And the winner is:
Ven, who certainly deserved it the most out of anyone in the Top Two teams. The judges obviously adore him, but at least it's a justifiable love. 

Auf Wiedersehen to:
Raul, who should've known that you can't go on Project Runway expecting to completely ignore red carpet fashion.

What did you think of this week's episode? Did Elena's breakdown get on your nerves, or were you more concerned with Gunnar's attitude with Irina? Did your favorite go unnoticed like mine did? And do you think Raul deserved to go home? Sound off!

[Image Source: Lifetime]
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