Friday, August 31, 2012

Project Runway, Season 10 E7: Collect Them All

After last week's cracktastic antics—or, at the very least, Ven's cracktastic antics—Please Sponsor Our Runway got back on track with its usual proceedings. So without any major rants to go on about real-sized women and egotistical maniacs, let's get right to breaking down last night's episode...

The designers met Tim Gunn at Lord and Taylor to get a sneak peek at the company's Project Runway capsule collection, featuring designs by one designer from each of the show's previous nine seasons (to get a closer look at the designs, check out Tom and Lorenzo). The Season 10 contestants were tasked with creating a look that would fit into the already-created collection while still maintaining their aesthetic. The winner's look will be added to the collection and sold in Lord and Taylor stores across the country—a pretty sweet prize. From the look of the nine other dresses, it seemed Dmitry was an early favorite. The details on the bodice of Gordana's dress are exactly the kind of thing Dmitry loves to do, plus his eventual challenge win has been in the making for weeks.

In the Workroom:
  • ALL the girls totally meltdown. Tears everywhere. Sonjia is overwhelmed, Melissa hates her fabric, Elena has no idea how to make clothes that don't cost millions. Actually, come to think of it, Alicia pretty much kept her cool. Atta girl.
  • Christopher reuses the same technique that he's already used twice. Versatile he ain't.
  • After a week of being a lovely, sane person, Elena wigs out. "This is not my challenge!" she sobs. Girl, figure it out.
  • Ven claims men are better designers and I seriously question whether we are all being punk'd by this guy.
  • Gunnar continues to grow on me. "It didn't look like an old casino dress??"
  • Uncle Tim encourages Sonjia out of a hysterical fit. "Channel your inner winner!" God bless him.

The Judges:
Since this was a challenge created around Lord and Taylor, the sponsor contract obviously required that a brand representative be present for the judging proceedings. Welcome, Bonnie Brooks! Your top is a head-scratcher. Wanna know what else was a head-scratcher? The judges looked at nine average dresses and managed to find FOUR that they just had to recognize as the top scores. Gimme a break.

Top Four (ugh):
  • Christopher - For reasons beyond my comprehension, the judges loved this Mormon prom gown. The only thing keeping it from complete blandness was the back cutout, but all of the fringe from his apparently amazing shredding technique made it look unfinished. Maybe in a more exciting color combination I could warm up to this dress, but in black and pale pink... I don't think so.
  • Elena - This dress certainly had a lot of interesting elements to it, but it was made in the wrong fabric; as is, it was too stiff and resembled a garbage bag. Still, in a sea of black cocktail dresses, at least this one was unique. Hell, it had a harness!
  • Fabio - Not exactly an earth-shattering dress, but certainly one of the best on the runway. I loved the hem detail and the back was a big surprise when the model turned around. I hated that stupid exposed zipper, but overall it was a nice look.
  • Melissa - God bless her for not using black like almost everyone else. But, Melissa? This dress was way too fussy and the fit was way too troublesome to land you in the top. And that asymmetric hemline was almost laughable.

Bottom Two:
  • Alicia - True life: I liked Alicia's dress. Don't make fun of me. Stop it! The collar was a cool idea, the skirt had some interesting details, and the drop waist made it stand out from the crowd. I understand it looked like a fancy field hockey uniform, but goshdarnit I liked it!
  • Gunnar - And I'm sorry, but I didn't see Gunnar in the bottom either. To me, it gave off a Laura Bennett vibe (okay... Laura Bennet lite) and I kind of liked the way it went over the top with the sparkle and the lace. The judges obviously didn't agree with me.

Honorable Mention:
I seriously need someone to explain to me why Dmitry didn't win this challenge, let alone wasn't in the Top Four. That dress was a 10: smoking hot without being slutty with a gorgeous color, cool neckline and tons of sparkle. What more could you ask for??

Dishonorable Mention:
Ven. Oh, his dress was fine. He's just still on my shit list.

And the winner is:
Christopher. Perhaps RealityTVGIFs can help me express my reaction?

Yup. Perfect. 

Auf Wiedersehen to:
No one! Hooray we love everyone! But actually the show had to make up for Kooan running away to save the world from Godzilla, so...

Kind of a blah episode, no? An interesting premise, a great prize... followed by a boring runaway, bad winner choice and no elimination for no good reason. What else is there to say?

[Image Source: Lifetime; GIF Source: RealityTVGIFs]

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