Friday, September 21, 2012

2012 Emmy Awards: Predictions

In just two short days, the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will finally arrive. And while there isn't enough time to get into the nitty gritty of these nominations, I had to at least get my predictions for the 26 awards up. And just to spice it up, I'll say who will win, who should win, who could win, and who should have been nominated. Except, you know, in the miniseries or movie categories that I wish would just go away already.

Ready? Set? Go!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hey, Everybody! Cougar Town's Back!

You may have noticed a seemingly shocking omission from this week's Fall TV Lineup post. "Surely there must be some sort of mistake," you undoubtedly thought as you frantically scrolled through the network schedule, seeing no sign of perennial favorite Cougar Town.

Well, don't fret (and don't call me Shirley)! For although ABC decided not to continue the Cul De Sac Crew's adventures for a fourth season—not a surprise considering the schedule fiasko of Season 3—the show will live to see another glass of wine on TBS starting January 8th. And to celebrate the new network and just-announced premiere date, the cast got together to sing about it... and pound some grape, of course.

Take a look at the video after the jump...

Britney Spears Makes Promising Debut on X Factor

Last night was the Season 2 premiere of The X Factor, Simon Cowell's latest British singing competition import on FOX. And though it didn't quite hit American shores with the pomp and circumstance everyone anticipated last fall, the show has done some retooling in the hopes of drawing bigger audiences and avoiding defeat at the hands of NBC's The Voice. The most significant of these sophomore season changes happened on the judging panel, with Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger out the door with new recruits the likes of Demi Lovato and BRITNEY FREAKIN' SPEARS joining the team. How's that for some star power, huh?

After finally giving up on American Idol last season, my desire to start watching another three hours per week of a singing competition is pretty non-existent, but I decided to DVR last night's X Factor premiere just so I could fast forward through it this morning and get a glimpse of how Britney fit in to the reality judge role. The past few years have definitely been a bit of a roller coaster for Ms. Spears, and a gig like this could be just the ticket to putting her back in place as one of America's sweethearts (hi, J. Lo!). Or, it could completely backfire (hi, Nicole!).

So how did Britney do? Did she robotically deliver pre-written critiques? Did she shave off all her hair and flash her cooch at the first hint of a wonky note?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall 2012 TV Lineup

It's hard to believe that summer has already come and gone. But as we bid adieu to warm weather, beach excursions and horrible sunburns—seriously, I may have lost any ability to tan—it's time to welcome back the world of television into our lives! Sure, summer TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance, The Newsroom and Political Animals have kept us entertained these past few months, but now it's time for the full onslaught of fall premieres to start filling up our DVRs and completely taking over our schedules.

Before you know it, old favorites like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory will be back, accompanied by shiny new shows like The New Normal  and The Mindy Project. Inevitably, some of these newcomers will flop despite their greatness (hello, Lone Star) and some of them will thrive despite their many, many flaws (hello, 2 Broke Girls). It's always best to go into the fall TV season with a cautiously optimistic outlook, realizing that the show with the amazing pilot might quickly fizzle or the show you assumed would be awful might become the "next big thing."

It can all be a little overwhelming at first, so that's why I've crafted a lineup to help you out. Here are the shows I'll be tuning into this fall:

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